5 Best Healthy Places to Eat on St Simons Island

You’re sure to have a fantastic time during your St. Simons Island getaway. There’s plenty to do here, whether you want to explore the area, relax on the beach, or dive into the local culture. All those adventures will require a lot of energy, which means you need places to eat on St. Simons Island! You will be presented with an array of delicious restaurants that will satisfy any craving during your stay. And just because you are on vacation does not mean you have to gorge on unhealthy entrees and break all of your hard work on eating well. Healthy options are a must for St. Simons Island restaurants. Here are the five best healthy restaurants for you to check out:

Island Pho

If you have not tried a delicious bowl of pho, you are missing out! Island Pho has been serving up freshly prepared bowls of this delicious Vietnamese cuisine for years. Pho is a type of soup that involves a variety of broths, protein, and vegetables for an incredible meal. Most types of pho are also healthy when compared to other Asian cuisine options out there.

Tara Thai & Sushi

If you cannot get enough of your Asian cuisine, then make sure to stop by Tara Thai & Sushi. While Thai cuisine is considered a comfort food, you can make the healthy choice of choosing one of this local establishment’s freshly made sushi rolls. Sushi can be made into a light and healthy meal at any time of the day. This is one of the top places to eat on St. Simons Island if you’re looking for great sushi.

Café Frederica

If you are looking for quicker options for your healthy meal, make sure you stop by Café Frederica for delicious breakfast favorites, sandwiches, and salads. You can eat inside or take it to go with their friendly staff and counter service.

Halyards Restaurant

Enjoy an evening with locally caught seafood that is freshly prepared for each dish at Halyards Restaurant. You will enjoy the upscale décor and vibe in this local favorite. The outdoor lounge lets you enjoy the perfect sunset view.

Del Sur Artisan Eats

Enjoy contemporary Argentinian and Italian cuisine at Del Sur Artisan Eats. This local establishment features a vast menu, including many vegetarian options and healthy dishes for you to choose from. Del Sur Artisan Eats also has a spacious outdoor patio area so you can enjoy the cooler weather during the evening.

Booking SSI Rentals, and Enjoying Great Places to Eat in St. Simons Island

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