5 Fun Facts About St. Simons Island GA

St. Simons Island GA is a place that offers a little bit of everything, from history and diverse culture to endless fun and beauty. There is something for everyone to find value in. Here are some of the interesting things about the island that make it an amazing place to visit.

There are Many Lighthouses that were Destroyed During the Civil War and then Rebuilt

There are many beautiful lighthouses on the island. Today, the island offers a unique way to explore the role that lighthouses have played in our history at the St. Simons Lighthouse Museum. The museum is housed in a lighthouse that was built in 1872, and it features amazing maritime artifacts and stories. You can also explore five different operational lighthouses still on the island.

St. Simons was Once Voted the United States’ Favorite Beach Town

With one visit, it will become exceedingly clear why. St. Simons Island GA features many miles of beautiful coast. East Beach is the widest beach on the island and offers a high energy beach experience. Driftwood Beach is just next door on Jekyll Island and provides all the peace and quiet you could ever want, as it is completely undeveloped.

The Marshes Around the Island Inspired Sidney Lanier’s Poem, “Marshes of Glynn”

Regardless of if you are familiar with this poem, you will love the wetlands that surround the island. They offer such unique beauty and wildlife that you can experience on the numerous hiking trails around the island or up close and personal by kayaking through them.

Oak Trees from the Island were Used to Build Six Warships in 1794

The countless oak trees on the island are what give it much of its character. But the best part is the endless drapes of Spanish moss cascading from every limb. You can find these beautiful features throughout the entire island. This is part of the reason that the island was once voted the #1 romantic getaway in the country.

The Island is Home to One of the Oldest English Forts in the Country

Fort Frederica was built in 1736 in order to defend this hotly contested area from the Spanish. Today, you can visit this incredible structure and get a glimpse into the Spanish-English conflict that lasted for hundreds of years.

In exploring St. Simons and the surrounding islands, you will find so much more that amazes you. Only in experiencing this wonderful place for yourself can you truly understand what a special island it is.