5 Places to Go Biking on St. Simons Island

The pace moves slower when you are on an island, something you will discover soon after stepping on to the shores of St. Simons Island. Lazy days are long and full of promise, with each event meant to be savored and experienced to the fullest degree. And while you may be tempted to rent a car and drive everywhere, in much the same fashion as you have on other vacations, may we tempt you into renting a bike instead?

With over 30 miles of biking trails on St. Simons Island alone, there really is no better way to tour the paradise that we are lucky enough to call our home! And since bike rentals are far less expensive than car rentals, your St. Simons Island vacation promises to be a budget friendly one that will be filled with love, laughter, and exciting adventures!

Gascoigne Bluff

Reputed to be the first landing spot of ships, it seems appropriate that we start our bike trip here. Hop aboard your chariot of choice and glide along the very areas that are historically important. Take some time out for fishing, tour the Cassina Garden Club Slave Cabins, or ride along the fitness trail, a paved half mile trail that features scenic trees and plants that photograph beautifully.

Beach Access Points

Continue along Kings Way down to Ocean Road and ride along the beach for a while. The white sands, turquoise waters, and scenic grasses and flora found along this part of the biking trail will bring a smile to your face and peace to your heart. The trail ends here, so you may want to turn around and head back to Demere Road to continue your journey.

Stop for a Meal

You’re probably getting hungry at this point, but never fear: there are plenty of restaurants along the bike trails that are guaranteed to sate any appetite. Take Old Demere Road to Frederica Road and you’ll have your choice of dining establishments. The Café Frederica is open for breakfast and lunch seven days a week.

Fort Frederica National Monument

This trail ends at this historic monument, the site of a battle between the Spanish and the British fought for the rights to the island in 1742. The ruins of the original fort are a great place to take a break and explore. When you are ready to ride some more, head back along Frederica Road to Lawrence Road.

The Trail Ends Here

From Lawrence Road to Hampton Point Road, the trail is relatively straight and easy. Cannon’s Point Preserve is off the trail, but is still a great place to explore; take Cannon Point Road until you can’t ride any further and explore the preserve and its natural beauty!