St. Simons Island Facts

5 St. Simons Island Facts You Didn’t Know

Whether you have traveled to our island paradise a thousand times over the years or this is your first time visiting, there will always be “secrets” that St. Simons Island will only unfold on you when IT thinks you’re ready! That is the magic of island life and just one of the many things we love about this small barrier island we get to wake up on every morning of our lives, and because we want you to get the complete picture of St. Simons, we are going to share these five St. Simons Island facts you didn’t know about!

People Have Been Living on this Island for Thousands of Years

In spite of its popularity, St. Simons Island still manages to appear unspoiled and much as it must have for thousands of years, making it difficult to believe that the earliest signs of life appeared as far back as three to five thousand years ago! Healthy living can explain how well our home looks; every generation that has resided here has done their best to take care of her and preserve her beauty!

Living Near the Sea is Good for your Health

Studies have shown that it’s difficult to feel depressed when you have the ocean in your backyard; stress levels drop, and all those good endorphins come crowding in! When you vacation on St. Simons Island, the effects may not be as permanent as if you live here, but they will last longer than you thought possible!

We Can Be Compared to New York

No, we’re not talking about crowds, pollution, temperatures, and noise; we’re talking about size, as our beautiful island is approximately the same size as Manhattan! Fortunately, we have a lot less of all the other stuff and more reasons to enjoy. And remember, seaside living is better for your health!

Our Military History is Rich and Colorful

From the War of Jenkins Ear to the Revolutionary War to our own Civil War and even into the World Wars, our island was often at the forefront of many battles, and the monuments to these skirmishes will be found in various places throughout the island.

We Weren’t Always as Environmentally Responsible

Speaking of wars, over two thousand live oaks were once used to build six battleships. Although it seems like a huge loss today, the USS Constitution was one of those ships, and during the Battle of 1812, she won 42 battles and never lost a single one. The battleship was known as Old Ironsides because cannon balls would bounce off her—thanks to the strength and durability of our St. Simons Island oaks that were used in her construction!

Your Next Vacation Should Be an Island One

Visit St. Simons Island just once and you’ll never want to go anywhere else ever again—especially when you stay in one of our welcoming and inviting SSI Rentals vacation escapes! Discover the beauty of island life as you sleep in late, watch the sunset from your balcony, discover new St. Simons Island facts and simply slow down your pace for a few days. Reserve yours today!