5 Things to Know Before Hitting the Beach on St. Simons Island

A day spent on a St. Simons Island beach is a day spent in the most perfect way. With blue skies, golden sun, white sands, and turquoise waters that cool and refresh as they calm your soul, how can it get any better than this? The answer to that “age-old” question is simple and straightforward: It can’t, so why bother trying?

If you’re planning the perfect beach vacation on our favorite spot on earth, you can plan on being spoiled to any other vacation spot forever, but is that really a bad thing? St. Simons Island has become a family tradition for thousands of people over the years; why not make it yours? In the meantime, here’s a list of a few things that will make your beach day even better—enjoy!

The Natural Beauty of Our Beaches Will Take Your Breath Away

We know the magic of an unspoiled beach and we strive to keep ours perfect for you. The waters are clean, the beaches stay uncrowded, and we limit development to ensure your beach experience is a memorable one!

We Set Some Rules for Your Safety

Nothing ruins a perfect day at the beach more than an injury or accident. Some rules are obvious. For instance, there are no fires allowed on the beach without a permit and no vehicles allowed on the beach. Other rules make sense when you think about them—no glass or hard plastic containers. Your safety and the creatures that make their homes in and around the waters are important to us!

Your Pets Are Allowed on the Beach as Well

But only during certain hours! From Memorial Day to Labor Day, dog hours are after 6pm in the evening; well behaved dogs just need to have you near them, while those who are a little frisky must be kept on a leash—and please pick up after them!

The Sun Shines Brighter Over the Ocean

In addition to beach umbrellas, towels, and water, please bring along plenty of sunscreen and re-apply every couple of hours! Nothing spoils a vacation faster than pain from a sunburn—not to mention how unattractive the lobster look can be for humans!

Different Beaches Offer Different Vibes

You might have to check out more than one to determine where you can have the most fun. East Beach is the most popular beach, offering wide stretches of unparalleled beauty; it is also home to some of our best vacation rentals!

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It’s time to learn what others have known all along: Everything is better at the beach!