A stormy coast, still fun to explore, a thing to do in saint simons island

Awesome Things to Do in Saint Simons Island on a Rainy Day

Let’s just put it out there: Rainy days are our most favorite days of all, offering unlimited possibilities and a cleansing rush that lasts long after the drops have stopped falling. When you visit St. Simons Island, you never have to worry about your plans being ruined by summer showers. Here’s a list of some of the more awesome things to do in Saint Simons Island when the skies open up on a rainy day!

Tour the St. Simons Island Lighthouse

The tall black and white structure can be seen from just about any point on the island, and when you climb the 129 steps to the very top, your views of the rain-drenched island will take your breath away. Located at 610 Beachview Drive, even if you get a little damp during your visit, it will still be one of the highlights of your stay.

Embrace the Wet

Most rainstorms around here are gentle, soft, and warm, making a walk along the beach a romantic interlude in a week filled with activities. Holding hands with your favorite traveling partner and noticing how the gray of the sky blends in with the gray of the waters while you talk about life, love, and what you’re going to eat for dinner will be one of those small moments that mean the most.

Explore the Artistic Side of Island Life

Island living attracts talented artists from all over the world, and you can see and purchase their works at any of the galleries that dot the landscape of St. Simons Island. Anderson Fine Art Gallery, located at 3309 Frederica Road, features the best of the best and is a great place to stop in to get out of the deluge.

A Day at the Movies

Remember when you were a kid and you spent many a summer day watching movie after movie at the local movie theater? We won’t get into whether or not you actually paid for more than one ticket, but those days were probably amongst the best you had those summers; you can repeat the experience (we strongly advice buying tickets for each movie you see!) at either of the two theaters in town!

Play Hooky from Sightseeing and All the Things to Do in Saint Simons Island

Our SSI Rentals cozy cottages are designed to be lived in, so why not take a day off from your sightseeing plans and discover all they have to offer? Sleep in late, eat a donut on the patio while the rain beats against the roof with a noisy clatter, watch old movies on television, or put together a puzzle with the family. Sometimes, while there is tons of things to do in Saint Simons Island, it’s nice to just relax. Reserve yours today and all of this can be yours—for a few days, at least!