St. Simon

Best Attractions Not to Miss on St. Simons Island

One of our biggest fears when visiting a new place is the fear of missing out on something special. Not everything fun and interesting can be found in the guide books, and not all our friends and family who have visited before share the same interests as we do. There is nothing worse than returning home to discover that we missed out on the best attractions. As we don’t want you to suffer this terrible fate, this list of the best attractions on St. Simons Island should help you make this vacation the best one ever!

St. Simons Lighthouse

Chances are you won’t forget to visit this lovely lady who has been standing tall and strong at water’s edge for over 200 years. Visible from nearly every spot on the island, the magnetic pull of her beauty is a strong one! The views from the top are worth every one of the 129 stairs you will have to climb to get there, and the history lesson you’ll receive in the keeper’s house will stay with you forever.

Gascoigne Bluff

The sights of St. Simons Island never cease to amaze. Even those who have spent their entire lives here will still find moments when they fumble for their cameras to capture the beauty and charm of a sunset over Gascoigne Bluff. Home to the second largest cedar tree in Georgia and reputed to be the spot where ships would land upon entering the harbor, this bluff will be what makes you fall in love with our island!

Fort Frederica National Monument

Military and war buffs will never forgive themselves if they skip a visit of the Fort Frederica National Monument, a prime location in the battle between England and Spain in the early 1700s. Today, free admittance to the architectural remains of the fort offers a glimpse into the military history of Georgia long before we became a state!

St. Simons Island Pier

Sometimes the best parts of a vacation are the simple moments spent living like a local, and the St. Simons Island Pier allows everyone who visits to feel as if they are a part of our island family. Walk along the pier at sunset, reveling in the feel of your partner’s hand in yours as the sun sets over the waters. Watch the whales migrating from December through March, or the dolphins playing anytime of the year. These simple pleasures are just a few of the things that makes our island home so special!

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