Best Cheap Eats on St. Simon’s Island

Vacations are fun, exciting, and necessary respites in a world filled with stress. We work hard through most of the year, dealing with demanding bosses, emotional friends, and the million different issues our children have each day. The chance to say time out to the world is priceless—or is it?

Anyone who has ever taken a vacation before understands there is a price tag on vacations, and in many cases, it is an extravagantly high one! The cost of flight keeps getting higher every year, and while you’ve made the smart and more economical choice of staying in one of our SSI Rentals vacation homes, there are still other expenses that can cause your budget cry uncle. Souvenirs, attraction tickets, rental cars, gas, and food all add up; eating out every meal can cause that vacation budget you’ve built so carefully to crumble like a tree in a heavy storm! Here’s a list of inexpensive and delicious eating establishments to help keep that budget on track.

Huddle House – 1701 Frederica Road

Breakfast is served all day at this charming 24-hour diner, and Southern style means that breakfast will be huge! The platters are meant for hungry eaters, and the Southern Smothered Biscuit Platter is guaranteed to beat even the largest appetite.

Palmer’s Village Café – 223 Mallery Street

Open for breakfast and lunch Sunday through Wednesday only, and offering a special dinner menu the rest of the week, Palmer’s offers a good mix of inexpensive plates with their chef-inspired pricier ones. Try the Biscuits and Gravy: It’s hearty, savory, and at only $3.95 per plate, you will have plenty of money left over for those hand-crafted souvenirs you’ve been eyeing!

CJ’s Italian Restaurant – 405 Mallery Street

Pizza is always the right choice, and when you order the large pies at CJ’s, most families will have leftovers for that all important cold pizza breakfast the next morning! Offering the standard choices and some unique blends, the Cupid’s Delight Pizza has a shot an arrow into the hearts of most of the men in our families; saving money has never tasted so good!

Bubba Garcia’s Mexican Cantina – 200 Redfern Village

What happens when a good old fashioned Southern boy discovers authentic Mexican tacos? He opens a brand-new restaurant on St. Simons Island and shares his newfound love with the world! Bubba Garcia’s features island versions of traditional tacos, so the food is healthy and cheap!

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