Best Fishing Spots in St. Simons Island

Fishing is a favorite pastime for both visitors and locals of the Golden Isles of Georgia. Being situated along the Atlantic Ocean’s beautiful coastline, St. Simons Island allows several different types of fishing expeditions to take place no matter the time of year. The untainted bodies of water that can be found all around the island are teeming with all kinds of fish, which helps to make most fishing trips very successful.

Whether you’re looking for a little peace and quiet out on the open water or some quality family time filled with excitement, you’re sure to find it in one of the many fishing opportunities St. Simons Island has to offer. There are three ways to fish in the barrier island – inshore, offshore, or nearshore – with each providing their own scenery and fishing targets.

Inshore Fishing

For inshore fishing, St. Simons Island Pier and Gascoigne Bluff Pier are the popular spots to settle in and cast a line. With the right bait, you may be rewarded with trout, redfish, and flounder. These areas are also great if you want to try tossing out a crab trap as well. The piers are full of activity throughout the day, making it a fun outing for all ages.

Offshore Fishing 

Offshore fishing will take you out about 30-45 miles from the island’s coastline where natural and man-made reefs, buoys, and bars are aplenty. Live bait will typically allow you to reel in snapper, grouper, kingfish, triggerfish, black sea bass, amberjack, barracuda, mackerel, and more. 

Nearshore Fishing

About five miles from shore, St. Simons Island has some of the best nearshore fishing to be found on the East Coast. The channels and sandbars that lie in front of the island are home to an abundance of fish. Venturing just a few miles out also presents a one-of-a-kind chance to wrangle in shark and tarpon, especially during the summer months through September or October.

Staying in St. Simons

If you need help finding the perfect place to stay during your St. Simons Island getaway, the experts at St. Simons Island Rentals will get you booked into the island’s best accommodations. In addition, they can assist you with any inquiries you may have about setting up a fishing excursion, such as required licenses or charter companies that offer tours. It’s important to note that the fishing regulations for the Golden Isles are usually specific according to the body of water and the tide charts should always be consulted before setting out in a boat.