Best Pizza Restaurants on St. Simons Island

If there was meal capable of bringing nations together in peace and harmony or mending even the deepest rifts between family members, we think that one meal would have to be pizza! The combination of crisp crust, chewy cheeses, tangy tomato sauce, and then STILL having even more choices for toppings—we may have to take a break from our writing and go grab a slice or two! St. Simons Island may be known more for its Southern food and seafood, but there’s still a few pie makers that could give New York pizza joints a run for their money. Here’s a list of some of our favorite St Simons Island pizza places for you to check out. Even on vacation, pizza just tastes right!

Sal’s Neighborhood Pizzeria, 3415 Frederica Road #E

After opening an acclaimed restaurant in New York City, Sal, from Sal’s Neighborhood Pizzeria, knows a few things about what makes a people pleasing pizza! Starting with fresh and local ingredients and ending with a quick bake in a wood-fired pizza oven, this intimate spot is a favorite of locals and tourists alike. And because pizza doesn’t have to be red to be good, we suggest you try the Marshall; topped with white sauce, garlic butter, olive oil, ricotta cheese, mushrooms, and onions, we dare you to keep from salivating when it’s placed in front of you!

CJ’s Italian Restaurant, 405 Mallery Street

When you’re looking for a good pizza in a casual joint, CJ’s Italian Restaurant has just what you need. This isn’t a white tablecloth and haughty waiters “chic” eatery; this is a place you can bring your kids and not have to worry about offending fellow diners! Keeping a simple menu and focusing on the classics is a part of what makes this pizza place popular, and their innovative and delicious pizzas are what keeps us coming back time after time. Their South End BBQ will change how you look at pizzas forever more!

Mellow Mushroom, 440 Kings Way

Mellow Mushroom is a unique chain pizzeria that offers a surprisingly fresh take on this classic dish. You’ll find a variety of pizza recipes on their menu, or you can create your own combination of ingredients to match your mood. But what sets them apart is that these pizzas are stone-baked! Taste the difference of a gourmet stone-baked pizza, try their calzones, order a craft beer, and enjoy the artsy vibe of Mellow Mushroom’s interior. Ask about their gluten-free options!

Leftover St Simons Island Pizza at 3AM

Still one of our favorite treats, you can enjoy your leftover pizza as you sit out on the balcony of your SSI Rentals vacation escape, watching the moon reflect off the waters of the Gulf. Pour a glass of wine, take a bite, and congratulate yourself for making the right choice in vacation rentals. Our homes outshine all the rest—reserve yours today!