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Bike Trails on St. Simons Island – St. Simon Island Things to do

St. Simons Island is a beautiful getaway for those looking to spend time outdoors exploring the vast beaches and clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Biking is a popular pastime here on the island, with many bike paths available in town, outside of town, and on the beaches. Here are the best bike trails on St. Simons Island to cruise down during your next vacation getaway.

St. Simons Island Biking

A majority of the island has received bike paths that connect opposite ends of the island. You can now start your biking adventure down in Pier Village on the southwest side of the island and make your way over to Cannon’s Point on the east side. This family-friendly path does not require any intense bikes or gear. Older children who are active can partake in the path depending on how long you plan to go.

By starting off at Pier Village, you can easily make your way East down Demere Rd. before connecting to Frederica Rd. that will take you the rest of the way to your destination. Ocean Blvd. provides a shorter trail with fantastic ocean views when it connects to the southern cove. Regardless of how you choose to trek the island, you will find St. Simon’s Island things to do that can be enjoyed by the whole family!

Finding the St. Simons Tree Spirits

St. Simons is connected by several biking trails, making it easy for you and your family to make a game of finding the island’s exclusive tree spirits. Various majestic oak trees around the island have artistic carvings that represent the tree spirits of St. Simons. Your family will have a blast biking around and attempting to view each spirit in its habitat. You can get a map of the spirits’ locations at the St. Simons Island Welcome Center to help you on your journey.

Biking Around the Area – St. Simon Island Things to do

Not only does St. Simons feature an expansive bike route that covers the whole island, but the neighboring areas as well. The Golden Isles as a whole know the importance of getting outside and spending time with your family. On each island you will find unique lanes connecting the populace of the island. Jekyll Island, the southernmost island of the Golden Isles, is a quick drive away and features numerous bike trails to keep your biking adventure going. Get out and explore the fun and exciting St. Simon’s Island things to do¬†during your next stay in one of our beautiful vacation rentals!