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5 St. Simons Events This Summer You Don’t Want To Miss

Summer is the season where we all get to be kids again, if only for a week at a time during vacation. We sleep in, stay up till the sun begins to rise, and we play. We play hard. We live out our dream vacations, hit the beach at sun-up, not leaving till sundown, and […]


St. Simons Island Activities

Best Summer Activities for Group Travelers Around St. Simons Island

Summers are meant for three things: traveling, family, and the beach. When you combine all three, you’re guaranteed the adventure of a lifetime! Be it your wedding and an intimate gathering of those who are closest to you, a family reunion that allows you to play on the beaches again with the cousins who made […]


Fireworks lighting up the sky at St Simons Island 4th of July celebrations

Where to Watch St. Simons Island 4th of July Fireworks

As we saunter happily into the sultry heat of the summer solstice, the long days stretch out, filled with a seemingly endless list of possibilities: beach days, pool parties, and of course, our favorite holiday, the 4th of July. How can you not love a holiday famous for its food, beverages, and fun and games? […]


Best Pizza Restaurants on St. Simons Island

If there was meal capable of bringing nations together in peace and harmony or mending even the deepest rifts between family members, we think that one meal would have to be pizza! The combination of crisp crust, chewy cheeses, tangy tomato sauce, and then STILL having even more choices for toppings—we may have to take […]


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Best Attractions Not to Miss on St. Simons Island

One of our biggest fears when visiting a new place is the fear of missing out on something special. Not everything fun and interesting can be found in the guide books, and not all our friends and family who have visited before share the same interests as we do. There is nothing worse than returning […]


Best Summer Festivals on St. Simons Island

As the temperatures begin to rise and the daylight sticks around longer, we all have just one thought on our minds: Where are we going for summer vacation? This year has seemed to be a more stressful and busy one than normal, and we are ready to take some much-needed time to relax, recuperate, and […]


How to Spend Memorial Day on St. Simons Island

No matter how old we get, Memorial Day Weekend still brings the same thrill it did when we were kids and it officially signified the end of the school year and the beginning of everything that was wonderful about summer. We didn’t do a lot of traveling, though; our parents were content with an extended […]


Upcoming Food Festivals on St. Simons Island

If we were truly honest with ourselves, we would have to admit that our favorite part of vacation would ALWAYS be about the food. Sure, it’s wonderful visiting a place we’ve never seen before, and staying in a beachside luxury vacation rental is beyond amazing, but we’re simple folk at heart, and the idea of […]


Dog-Friendly Activities and Attractions on St. Simons Island

Studies show that people who own dogs live longer, have lower blood pressure, and smile more often. Ok, we might have made that last fact up, but whenever we look at or talk about OUR favorite fur babies, we can’t help but do so with a smile on our faces. Loyal, loving, and often goofy, […]


silhouette of cyclist on a trail during sunset

Bike Trails on St. Simons Island

St. Simons Island is a beautiful getaway for those looking to spend time outdoors exploring the vast beaches and clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Biking is a popular pastime here on the island, with many bike paths available in town, outside of town, and on the beaches. Here are the best bike trails on […]