Day Trips Near St. Simon Island

Road trips can sometimes be the best part of your summer getaway, even when you’re on an island. Luckily, St. Simons Island is within driving distance of some of the most exciting adventures in Georgia! We’ll be the first to admit that at nearly 18 square miles in size, eventually you will run out of new things to do here, but if you’re willing to drive a bit, your opportunities for fun expand exponentially! So, buckle up, start your engine, and prepare to explore the fun to be had on these Georgia day trips you can take near St. Simons Island.


Located just seven miles from St. Simons Island, it almost seems like a waste of fossil fuel to drive there, but we can imagine that after a day spent exploring the streets of this quaint town, the ride home will be a relief to your achy feet! Starting with the Old Town Historic District where the original British site of Brunswick is located, your day on the town will best be enjoyed on your feet. Spend some time exploring the parks, museums, and make sure to plan a stop at the Lovers Tree, an old oak that has been standing since 1877; get out your camera phone, because this idyllic spot is a favorite photo opportunity of tourists from all over the world!

Georgia Day Trips in Savannah

Historic Savannah exemplifies the Southern attitude toward design, architecture, and people. Located about an hour and a half away from St. Simons Island, the first thing you need to do upon arrival is park your car and prepare to walk. The tree-lined streets are filled with trolleys, cars, trucks, and the occasional horse drawn carriage, statues of famous Southerners are located in nearly every square, and the genteel plantation style architecture will never cease to amaze! If you have ever seen the movie Midnight in the Garden of Good or Evil, or have ever been a Girl Scout (the founder of the Girl Scouts, Juliette Gordon Lowe lived here, and you can tour her home), then a day trip to Savannah should be in your plans!


This trip will take you about an hour inland to a small town as famous for its Main Street and swamp as it is for its Southern hospitality! The Okefenokee Swamp is a protected wetlands area known for its wildlife and exquisite scenery, and the Main Street of Waycross is both historic and charming. The Spanish style architecture of the buildings in the historic district may surprise you, but Waycross’ proximity to Florida should explain all!

No, We’re Not Asking You to Leave St. Simons Island

But we are inviting you to explore the areas surrounding us! Your return to your SSI Rentals vacation home away from home will be all that sweeter when you’re away long enough to miss it! Reserve yours today!