St Simon’s Island Dog-Friendly Activities and Attractions

Studies show that people who own dogs live longer, have lower blood pressure, and smile more often. Ok, we might have made that last fact up, but whenever we look at or talk about OUR favorite fur babies, we can’t help but do so with a smile on our faces. Loyal, loving, and often goofy, they make our lives better with a tilt of their head and a cold nose pressed against our hand—and yet we thank them for their love, loyalty, and companionship by locking them up in “doggy jail” every year while we go away and experience the vacation of a lifetime. This year, however, promises to be different, as you bring the ENTIRE family together for a fun-filled getaway on St. Simons Island in one of our wonderful SSI Rentals vacation escapes!

It’s Time to Play – St Simon’s Island Dog Friendly Activities

The best part of your family vacation on St. Simons Island will be knowing that you can take your precious pooch along with you on many of your island adventures! Everybody loves a day at the beach, and although summer rules on many of St. Simons beaches state that pets are prohibited from 9AM until 6PM, this still allows you to start and end each day with a sunrise or sunset walk along the sandy shores of the ocean, some of our favorite St Simon’s Island dog friendly activities. Jekyll Island Beach at 711 North Beachview Drive on nearby Jekyll Island, however, allows leashed dogs on the beach year-round.

Frederica Park Dog Park, at 2201 Lawrence Road, offers a fun escape for pets big and small without the worries that your small baby might be attacked by a larger one. The park is separated into two areas, one for large dogs and the other for small dogs, each offering a shaded area for the human parents and drinking spots for the four-legged babies!

Because all these St Simon’s Island dog friendly activities can be the leading cause of hunger pains and growling tummies, St. Simons Island features a large selection of pet friendly restaurants that can be enjoyed by all members of the family. The breakfast buffet at Sandcastle Café & Grill, located 117 Mallery Street, is the perfect way to start each morning, and because they also offer a huge lunch menu, lunch on the deck is the perfect spot for your midday break. Iguanas Seafood, at 303 Mallery Street, and Southern Soul Barbecue, at 2020 Demere Road, are two more delicious restaurants that will enthusiastically welcome your pet while simultaneously feeding your hunger with savory and delicious meals!