St simon Island

St. Simon’s Island Family Vacation Activities

In a magical world, vacations would be perfect excursions filled with fun, laughter, and the enjoyment of everyone in the group. Every activity would be loved equally, from the youngest in the stroller to the oldest in the wheelchair. The reality is, however, that most vacations are not perfect. Cranky children are bored by boring (in their minds) museums where they are not allowed to touch anything, irritable parents are thinking if they have to go to one more toy store just to ensure that the youngers are happy they are going to need a third glass of wine later that night, and the grandparents are getting tired and sore from trying to keep up with everyone else! But your St. Simons Island family vacation promises to be everything you dreamed it could be, because we have compiled this list of family friendly activities for you to experience!

Go to the Beach

It sounds overly simple, but a day at the beach is the perfect activity for your St. Simon’s Island family vacation! Younger children can build sandcastles, older children can jet skiing, parents can join in or simply relax in the sun, and grandparents can nap, read, or do whatever they like—one of the perks of being over a certain age! East Beach is a popular one; why not check it out?

Dolphin Tours – St. Simon’s Island Family Vacation

Dolphins are funny little mammals that are fun to watch, and there are many charter companies that will take you out to watch them play! Cap Fendig Tours is a popular choice, guiding you through the marshes and inland waters, allowing you to explore all the wildlife that makes their homes on the water, including, the occasional manatee! Click here for more information.

St. Simons Lighthouse

Built in 1872, the St. Simons Lighthouse and attached lighthouse keeper’s home is an incredibly beautiful and interesting piece of St. Simons history. Younger children and older adults may have some difficulties navigating the 129 steps that lead up to some of the most amazing views on the island, but it’s worth it if you can! If not, its also the perfect spot to take the family picture for next year’s Christmas card!

Take a Bike Ride

The family that plays together stays together, and a bike ride along the trails found on the island is an ideal way to tour your new favorite vacation spot! Ocean’s Motion, a surf shop located at 1300 Ocean Boulevard, offers bikes of all sizes and styles, plus bike trailers so that even the smallest members of your family can enjoy the tour!

Tired Children Sleep Well in a St. Simons Vacation Rental

Once you’ve expended all that seemingly inexhaustible energy of your sweet children, it will be time to blend a frothy drink and sit on the deck of your SSI Rentals vacation escape, enjoying the sights and sounds of an island at night. Reserve yours today!