Finding the Best Vacation Rentals on St. Simons Island

bcpoolexteriors-1Finding the best vacation rentals on St. Simons Island involves taking a number of different elements into account. The property’s location and amenities are the most important, but what else makes the differences between an average vacation rental and a great one? Read on to learn more about which features to look for when you’re choosing your “home away from home!”

Location Comes First

While there are many factors involved in what constitutes the top rental property, location is the first and foremost in importance. Picking somewhere that isn’t ideally located in relation to your plans turns the vacation into a frustrating mess rife with hassles—in essence, the opposite of what a vacation is supposed to be! Whatever money you might think you’re saving by choosing a place that has a lower rate in exchange for a location that is much further away, you will more than make up in spending on travel costs, both in terms of time and money.

On St. Simons, many top rentals are situated in the East Beach and Village Area, but if the property you’re considering isn’t, establish its distance from the nearest beach, as well as the beach’s quality. If you’re smart with your planning, it’s more than possible to find a rental in the middle of everything that you want to see and do.

Does It Feel Like Home?

We all have differing standards and comfort levels when it comes to where we vacation. When you’re viewing a vacation rental, make sure it has not only the basics (such as comfortable beds and well-lit rooms) but other amenities that you might consider essential. Most of the vacation rentals that we present with SSI Rentals  have a private pool or a patio with awesome views.

Some of our resort area condos come with access to spas, saunas, full-service cable TV, and fitness centers. If you’re banking on having a relaxing time at the spa, or you’re very strict in maintaining your workout routine even while on vacation, make sure that you keep those things in mind before deciding on a vacation rental.

You Don’t Have to Pay More to Make Lasting Memories

It’s a common myth that the best vacation rentals are the most expensive. In reality, the top rentals are the ones that meet all of your needs. If you can find a great place to stay and still save money, that’s the best-case scenario possible!