Five Activities for Nature Buffs in St. Simon’s Island

Island life involves more than margaritas at a beach side bar—not that we have anything against the idea! When you spend any time on St. Simons Island, you may just be surprised at all the fun you can have during your stay. Nature lovers, especially, will be thrilled at the various opportunities they will have to get out and commune with nature, and they may not want to turn in their keys at the end of their stay! Kayaking on quiet rivers and hiking the trails can be addicting, and these are just a few of the fun activities that allow you to get in touch with your inner nature buff!

Moonlight Beach Walks

Your SSI Rentals beach side bungalow offers all the amenities of a luxury hotel and makes the beach your backyard; why shouldn’t you take advantage and take a walk by the light of the moon? Your pathway is lit by the reflection of the moon off the waters that are splashing against your feet, the night is quiet and peaceful, and you can find the peace that you have been seeking for the last year of your life!

Scuba Diving

The life of our friends under the sea is a busy and fascinating one that you can explore closer than you ever dreamed. Island Dive Center at 101 Marina Drive offers equipment to rent and lessons for both scuba diving and snorkeling, depending on how involved you want to get in the experience!

Kayaking on Quiet Waters

Another water adventure can involve kayaking on the quiet rivers and channels that surround our piece of paradise, and Barry’s Beach Service at 420 Arnold Road offers kayak rentals, as well as sailboat, SUP, and bicycle rentals. Spend a few hours with the ones you love most, paddling through the waters and feeling all the troubles of your life slide away.

Hiking Through Cannons Point Preserve

Moss covered trees protect you from the rays of the sun, the dirt path crunches softly underneath your feet, and the sights and sounds of the wildlife that make their homes amongst the flora and fauna brings the wilderness areas of the island to life. Hiking through this untamed area will be the highlight of your island vacation!

Sunrises and Sunsets Viewed from the Patio of your SSI Rentals Vacation Home

You’re not going to find a better view of Mother Nature’s most popular show. Grab a bottle of wine, the one you have chosen to journey through life with, have a seat, and prepare for the show of a lifetime! THIS is what vacations are all about; all you have to do to enjoy it is reserve your SSI Rentals vacation home away from home today!