Five Reasons to Plan Your Bachelorette Party on St. Simons Island

Before we go any further, please allow us to congratulate you. You are about to embark on one of the most exciting adventures of your life, and we sincerely wish you the best! Marriage isn’t always an easy journey, but it a worthwhile one that can bring a lifetime of happiness and we are pleased that you are considering our fair island to be a part of this momentous adventure.

The bachelorette party has not always been a part of the wedding celebrations. In the past, the bride was forced to settle for the sedate and mostly boring bridal shower while the groom was able to sow the last of his wild oats in one big party—something that never seemed fair! Today, the bachelorette party is as big a deal as the bachelor party, and destination ones are becoming all the rage! Here’s five reasons you should breathtaking St. Simons Island as your destination bachelorette party location!

It’s More Fun on an Island!

The weather, the beaches, the people and drinks—every occasion shines brighter on an island, and you don’t have to leave the country to find one!

Tropical Drinks Pack a Bigger Punch

Let’s face it, it’s a sure thing you are planning on doing a fair amount of drinking during your party, and the tropical drinks you find on St. Simons Island are that much tastier than standard mainland drinks! And although your local bartender can easily fix a Mai Tai, it just doesn’t taste the same without the ocean in the background!

The Wedding is Here, Why Not the Bachelorette Party?

Whether you are being wed at a specific venue or are just planning a casual beach affair, your wedding day promises to be perfect. If you’re wedding party is already here, why not enjoy your night on the town as well?

St. Simons Island Nightlife is an Experience to Remember!

Live entertainment, flip-flop friendly establishments, and those tropical drinks we mentioned before will have the bride and her entourage looking back with delight at her 25th anniversary celebration. The Club @ Bennies has been a staple for decades and you will see why when you visit!

Staying in Can Be Fun, Too!

St. Simons Island is home to a variety of “unique” party businesses, including passion parties and spa parties. Staying home in your SSI Rentals luxury vacation rental means you can drink all you want, because the party is coming to you! Book your fabulous SSI Rentals vacation home today and start planning the party of the century!