Five Unique Places to Plan a Picnic

Sometimes it is the simple things in life that mean the most. Finding that purse you’ve been eyeing on sale, and then finding the coupon that makes the price dip even lower, the sound of baby’s laughter, and a picnic with your family or loved one on a sunny day. Our busy lifestyles don’t often allow time for picnics, but vacations are a completely different matter, and when you’re planning a St. Simons Island getaway, planning a picnic should be up at the top of your vacation bucket list. The natural beauty and serene tranquility of St. Simons Island make it easy to find the perfect spot for holding either a family picnic or a romantic one with the person you enjoy spending time with the most.

Under the Lanier Oak in the Marshes of Glynn Overlook Park

You can’t get more romantic than picnicking at the very spot Sidney Lanier, a famous Georgia poet, gained inspiration to write The Marshes of Glynn. And even though you are in love, take a break from staring deeply into one another’s eyes and take note of the beautiful marsh views available here!

Neptune Park Fun Zone

Mom’s and Dad’s need romance too, and having a picnic at the fun zone guarantees them at least a few minutes of alone time as the kids enjoy playing on the playground, wading in the children’s pool, or playing a competitive game of miniature golf!

Canoeing Along the Marshes

Pack a lunch and start paddling in your rented canoe or kayak. All that work is guaranteed to build an appetite, and that cold rotisserie chicken you packed is going to be mighty tasty when lunch time arrives. Pull over to the shore and spread a blanket, or simply pull in the oars and float aimlessly as you enjoy the scenery, the food, and each other’s company!

Picnic on the Beach

Bring the family, spread out a blanket, and prepare to enjoy your picnic lunch to the musical accompaniment of ocean waves splashing against the sandy shores. Picnics on the beach are fun any time of the day! For romance, start at Gould’s Inlet and keep walking until you find a private spot.

On the Terrace of Your SSI Rentals Vacation Home

Who says you have to leave home to find a great picnic spot on vacation? Book your luxury SSI Rentals vacation home today and discover the simple joys of a picnic on a patio with your family; moonlight picnics in your jammies can be very romantic!