Five Ways to Find Your Summer Chill in St. Simons Island

If you have never lived near the water in the summer, chances are you won’t be prepared for the wave of heavy and wet air that slams into you as soon as you step outside the door. Glasses fog up, hair frizzes, and make-up slides right off your face, leaving a colorful puddle on the damp concrete you are walking on! Golfers may find they work harder to get the ball to fly fewer feet, and trying to dry off after a shower can be impossible! Fortunately, when you live in this climate for a few years or so, you learn the ways to keep cool, and because we’re friendly people, we are going to share our five favorite ways to stay cool no matter what the thermometer says outside!

Head to the Beach

We’re probably stating the obvious here, but frolicking in the cool waters of the Atlantic Ocean is our favorite way of staying cool! The white sands, the blue waters, the sun beating down overhead—submersing your body in all this beauty is no sacrifice! East Beach is our favorite, and if you’re lucky, it’s right in your own backyard!

Play at the (Water) Park

Neptune Park is an all-in-one fun center that includes, water slides, a toddler’s wading pool, 18 holes of miniature golf (fun to play in a bathing suit!), and a playground if you REALLY feel like leaving the coolness of the water for some dry land fun! Located at 550 Beachview Drive.

Shop in Air Conditioned Comfort

Redfern Village is an outdoor shopping mall, but the shops are nicely air conditioned. The shop owners care about the comfort of their guests! Shop for souvenirs for your family, gifts for yourself, and pick up a treat or two for your four-legged friends back home; the Pet Exchange at 2465 Demere road has a large selection of toys and treats for the most loyal members of your family.

Escape from Reality

Nothing beats a hot movie in a cold movie theater, and now that all the summer blockbusters have been released, you have a large selection to choose from. Grab a sweater, buy that bucket of popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the main event at the Island Cinemas at 44 Cinema Lane.

Stay Home and Play

Many of our SSI Rentals come with their own private pools, or at the very least an awesome community one! Grab a cold one, some sunscreen, and prepare to spend a few hours splashing contentedly in the cool waters of your SSI Rentals vacation home pool! Summer is here—book yours before the weather starts to get cool again!