Gems You Won’t Find in a St. Simons Island Guidebook

St. Simons Island is home to a number of incredible hidden gems and activities for you to discover, and there’s plenty that you wouldn’t be able to find in any traditional St. Simons Island guidebook. Not sure where to start? No problem! Here are a few gems you need to experience for yourself on your next St. Simons Island vacation:

Find the Tree Spirits of St. Simons Island

Okay, don’t get freaked out when we tell you this… but yes, that tree is staring at you. If you’ve seen something that looks like a face sticking out of a tree here on St. Simons Island, then chances are you’ve found one of the Tree Spirits of St. Simons Island! It’s probably creepy at first, but there’s a good reason for it! Back in the 1980’s local sculptor Keith Jennings wanted to do something spectacular and memorable to leave his mark on St. Simons Island, and so among our famous oak trees he began carving faces into the sides of them. Jennings was able to carve approximately 20 faces into the trees, doing each by hand and giving each one a unique face! Now, rumors say that these faces immortalize the sailors who have lost their lives on ships made from the very oaks of this island, but nobody truly knows for sure! One thing is for certain: These faces are one of the little-known gems of our island, and you should definitely try and find them all when you’re here! This place is somewhere you probably wouldn’t find in any St. Simons Island guidebook!

Visit the Hofwyl-Broadfield Plantation

History lesson time! Did you know that the coasts of Georgia used to be massive producers of rice throughout the 1800s and into the early 1900s? It’s true! Georgia used to have a number of rice plantations in its early days, and this history and culture has been immortalized at the Hofwyl-Broadfield Plantation. The home on the plantation has been preserved and features a museum with a number of great artifacts from the time period, as well as guided tours that allow visitors a chance to experience the plantation process and more. This museum is a great window into the past of the area before it became one of the premier tourist destinations in the United States and can be both fun and educational for members of the entire family!

Book a Stay To Explore More of This St. Simons Island Guidebook

These are just a few of the hidden gems located right here on St. Simons Island, and we invite you and your family to stay here and explore them for yourself! And while you’re here, make sure you reserve one of SSI Rentals’ breathtaking rental homes or condos to help make your next St. Simons Island vacation truly unforgettable. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or to make your reservation today!