Hotels Vs. Vacation Rentals on St. Simons Island

An example of rental homes St. Simons Island, GA offersOn St. Simons Island, there are plenty of options available to travelers looking to stay and have a great time. The area has many hotels and vacation rentals, each of which has the potential to offer you a wonderful vacation. However, there are distinct differences that you can expect to see between the hotels and vacation rentals presented by SSI Rentals. Read on to learn more about the details you may not be aware of and make an informed decision when you go to pick your vacation accommodations.

What to Expect from a St. Simons Island Hotel

St. Simons Island has a booming hospitality industry for a reason. Its hotels are reliable and standardized; you’ll know what to expect, because you’ll encounter similar types of rooms most anywhere. You can expect an average level of cleanliness and an average size, depending on the price point, though you may have to book multiple rooms for your family. And, with the exception of peak season, it’s not usually difficult to book a room.

In this sense, the hotels here are standard. Service and upkeep are generally performed to expectations, though rooms may be underwhelming unless you choose to stay at a higher-end hotel. The amenities are a plus, often including features like concierge service, a gift shop or convenience store, a fitness center, a sauna, and possibly a restaurant and bar housed in the hotel, depending on where you stay.

What Rental Homes on St. Simons Island, GA Look Like

Unlike a hotel, SSI Rentals vacation rentals offer a completely unique experience. Our properties are owned by people who don’t have time to vacation there very often and want you to experience everything SSI. They have every touch of hominess to them, but they’re still fresh enough that you never feel like you’re intruding on someone’s personal space.

More often than not, vacation rentals on St. Simons Island provide much, much more space than a hotel room. You can bring your entire family, as many properties contain upwards of three to five rooms—meaning reduced costs for you, as you can pay a flat rate for everyone’s stay.

The Decision is Yours

With so many options available on St. Simons Island, it is ultimately up to you and your vacation preferences and which details matter most to you. Regardless of where you stay on St. Simons Island, we know that you’ll make the memories of a lifetime and cherish them for years to come!