48 Hours of the Best Things to Do in St. Simons Island

With so many amazing attractions, adventures, and delicious eats to be had on St. Simons Island, it can be difficult to narrow them down! But if your next stay on the island appears to be a shorter one, here are a few of the best things to do in St. Simons Island, that you have to make sure you experience:

Explore Everything Mother Nature Has to Offer!

One of reasons that millions of people keep coming back to St. Simons Island year after year is that the area is overflowing with incredible natural scenery and beauty, and there are so many great ways to explore it for yourself! Whichever your preference, either by land or by sea, there are a number of amazing opportunities to get out and discover all of the secrets that Mother Nature has to offer around the island. The favorite of many locals and tourists alike has to be exploring the 2000 miles of tidal shoreline and remote river lowlands by kayak, and there are a number of local companies that offer tours that will help you get the lay of the land and provide you with the perfect adventure activity for your next St. Simons Island vacation. It is truely one of the best things to do in St. Simons Island.

Visit the Historic St. Simons Lighthouse and Museum

If there’s one attraction that you truly can’t miss on your next St. Simons Island vacation, make it the St. Simons Lighthouse and Museum. Located right near the pier, the lighthouse has been a standing monument on the island and provided safe harbor for ships since 1810 (though the lighthouse was rebuilt once in 1872 due to its destruction in the Civil War), and it is still functioning to this day! In addition to the lighthouse itself, the area has been transformed to include the Lighthouse Museum, which includes interactive exhibits, artifacts from St. Simons Island’s past, and much more!

Grab a Quick Bite to Eat at Sandcastle Café

It’s nearly impossible to narrow all of the amazing food options in St. Simons Island down to one recommendation, but today we want to highlight a locally owned and operated eatery that has been filling the bellies on the island for over 25 years! Sandcastle Café is widely recognized as a favorite breakfast and lunch hotspot by the locals, and with their dedication to using fresh local ingredients, it’s easy to see why! Sandcastle offers everything from hearty breakfast plates to help get your day started off on the right foot to lunch house specialties featuring locally caught fresh fish.

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