Little St Simmons getting Recognition by Travelers Readers’ Choice Awards

A New Eden
In the esteemed Georgian Golden Isles, rests Little St Simons Island, a location of new renown due to its achievement of taking three awards in 2015.

This little island is described as a place of coastal living with a great appeal to nature lovers. However it’s not tiny for an island, it contains 7 miles of beautiful beaches which expands into 10,000 acres of wilderness untouched by industrialization. Such a paradise-like preserve deserves its acclaim.

Lavish Accolades
Little Simons won not one, but three awards for its wonder. First off, it won number 1 of the top 20 resorts in the south, number 3 of the Top 10 Resorts in the US, and finally, number 10 out of the Top 100 Hotels & Resorts in the world. All of these are especially high ranks amongst an already high ranking category.

These ranking were achieved by polling over 128,000 travelers – the most people polled in the company’s history – describes Conde Nast, a media company that curates the best of the best and gave the awards. They go on to explain that many of those polled discussed how personal and authentic the island felt.

Restorative Culture
This is a resort location, but also one of adventure as guest are encouraged to explore the island. The wonder of the nature land is a phenomenon to be experienced, unadulterated by technology. This wild landscape allows visitors to see wildlife in a unique setting, which combines resort qualities with the wild of nature.

Sustainability is a key of such a natural resort, whereas otherwise residents would be plagued with the influences of transport and industry. Little St Simons has a seed-to-table program to ensure delicious, home grown and organic garden ingredients. Not only does this further incubate this culture of nature, but it’s evidence of the island’s esteem cuisine, which includes fresh seafood thanks to the waters that surround the area.

A Welcoming Call to All
Little St Simons identifies as a location for families, friends, lovers, retreats, and business meetings. Despite its diversity, it bears an heir of exclusivity as its six cottages can only hold 32 guests in total. Staying at Little St. Simons is an easy activity in the sense that an overnight rate includes all the food, beverages, and activities one could want.

Being a resort, there is a vast amount of activities where one can relax and take in the environment meditatively, or experience more intense activities to break a sweat with a special energy only nature can provide. These activities include birding, boating, canoeing, kayaking, hiking, bicycling, interpretive tours, beach combing, fishing and swimming; Little St Simons has it all.

A Resonating Experience
We at Roland Daniel Properties’ SSIrentals wish to connect individuals with the pleasures of Little St Simons. If this award winning locations speaks to you, don’t hesitate to pursue your stay.