What Makes the Best Vacation Homes in St. Simons Island?

SSI Rentals tips for renting your house lead to better rental ratesMultiple factors go into what constitutes an excellent vacation rental property from the perspective of both a guest and a property management company. Read on to find tips for renting your house in St. Simons Island!

Elements of the Best Vacation Homes

Your property’s location, unique features, and interior details can mean the difference between a steady stream of renters throughout multiple seasons or more rare occurrences of bookings.

While “good” may seem like a subjective term and entirely dependent on what you’re looking for out of your vacation, we’ve generally found that our most popular vacation rentals are located at the intersection of tranquil seclusion, such as on the beaches or marshes of St. Simons Island, and easy access to activities and sightseeing in town, like the Pier Village district.

However, despite how a great location can help a vacation rental stand out from its competition, it’s by no means the sole determining facet of drawing in bookings. Those distinct, special touches that can only be found at or on your property can be the final push that guests need to pick your property over another one. One of the biggest rental property tips is to include extras that most renters don’t have at home.

Luxury features like hot tubs, above-ground spas, private pools, a nice porch with a great view, barbecue pits, a gourmet kitchen with upgraded appliances, and more raises the standard of your property from merely a place to sleep to somewhere guests choose to invest in their vacation. If your property has a backyard, you can hang a hammock to lend to that air of rest and relaxation that so many people seek when they’re on vacation.

To seal the deal even further, you can (and should) allow the ambiance of your interior to play off of your property’s location, with a little bit of direction from an interior decorator. Is your property located on the beach? You could infuse your space with a tastefully colorful, care-free vibe with beachy slogans and artwork—like a beach “shack,” without the shabbiness (or with a small portion of purposeful rusticity; shabby-chic is very popular, after all). Alternatively, you could embody a lavish, coastal chic atmosphere similar to a mini-resort, with light and neutral shades, elite paintings, and high-end furniture.

Of course, the beach is just one easy example; St. Simons Island is brimming with natural wonders and old-fashioned charm from which you can draw design inspiration.

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