All About the Musgrove Plantation in St Simons Island

Consisting of over 1200 acres of land and buildings, Musgrove Plantation is the largest intact plantation on St. Simons Island and is THE wedding venue of the state. Originally built by an English settler and his bride, John and Mary Musgrove settled on this sweet Georgia Island and opened a successful trading post which eventually allowed them to become the largest landowners in the Georgia Colony. What was once a cotton plantation morphed into today’s hottest wedding venue. It is about to become a public park as well.


Today, Musgrove Plantation is one of the most stunning wedding venues in the state. The acres and acres of lush grounds create a backdrop that succeeds in making every bride look even more beautiful. Beautiful gardens overflow with lavish displays of flowers, immaculately groomed bushes, and marshland that add to the tranquility of the land.

Inside the plantation house, the wood paneled ceilings are high and elegant, the windows are oversized—allowing for unobstructed views of the grounds beyond—and everywhere you turn you find another opportunity for that “perfect” picture. Although brides are the mainstay of this lovely manor, conferences and family reunions have been held here as well; everyone wants the opportunity to entertain in this centuries old building.

The Future 

As recently as May of this year, the first phase in creating a public park was completed. 260 acres of prime forest land have been purchased by a conservation organization. Acres of rare plants and trees make this land very valuable to conservations who want to preserve the riches found therein.

The first phase of the three phase endeavor included 1000 feet of frontage along Musgrove Creek, where a public boat launch is in the planning stages. Once the final phase has been completed, over 1000 acres of St. Simons Island land will have been protected. The home itself is not part of the agreement, but the park itself promises to be one of the most beautiful on the island.

SSI Rentals and St. Simons Island

We are about more than just providing luxuriously appointed vacation rentals to traveling tourists; our lives are invested in this island, and the protection of valuable land is the protection of our lifestyles. Book your vacation rental today and discover the rich history, stunning landscape, and the protected lands that make St. Simons Island a scenic and unspoiled vacation destination.