St. Simons Island Facts

One Week St. Simons Island Itinerary

It’s a well-known fact that our barrier island home of St. Simons Island is just under 18 square miles in total area. What may not be known, however, is that for such a small place there is more to do than most people realize—so much so that we have designed this sample St. Simons Island itinerary. You don’t have to do any of it, or you can do it all; all we ask is that your week on St. Simons Island is the best getaway you have ever had!

Day 1

Traveling can be tiring, and chances are most of your first day will be spent traveling to our island paradise and you won’t want to get out and do much. When you come into town, why not stop at The Market for sandwiches, pastries, and a few bottles of your favorite wine? Your first evening on the island can be all about resting and preparing for your week of adventures!

Day 2 in your St. Simons Island itinerary

The most important meal of the day begins at The Boulevard Café with delicious homemade biscuits and then it is off to begin your day of exploration. Still tired from yesterday’s travels? No problem, because that’s why the second day of your St. Simons Island itinerary is set aside for a beach day! Swim, tan, rent SUP equipment (from Barry’s Beach Service) and embrace your lethargy! Lunch is left up to you, but your first full day on St. Simons should be celebrated with an ocean view meal at the Rooftop at Ocean Lodge.

Day 3

After a quick breakfast prepared from the stock you bought on your first night, day three promises to be chock-filled with adventure! That’s why day three of your St. Simons Island itinerary starts with a stop at the St. Simons Lighthouse, where you can climb 129 steps to the most breathtaking views of the island. Take your time; it can be tough, but it’s worth the effort! Lunch at Certified Burgers and Beverage will fortify you for an afternoon visit to Fort Frederica National Monument, home of the brave soldiers that defeated the Spanish. The day ends with a seafood treat from The Crab Trap and a long and deep sleep in our SSI Rentals cloud soft beds!

Day 4

Breakfast at Grandy’s will bring a smile to your face as you reach the midway point of your trip, and today is all about retail therapy! Dust off your credit cards and make your way to Redfern Village; offering a little bit of everything that you didn’t know you needed, you’ll probably want to spend the whole day here. And because they have a large selection of restaurants, you may decide that the village is your own personal Nirvana—you’ll never have to leave!

Day 5

Our history is a rich one on our barrier island home, and day five is a day meant to be spent touring the historical spots you will find here. View the slave cabins at the ruins of the Hamilton Plantation after breakfast at Palmer’s Village Café, then stroll along the Gascoigne Bluff and imagine it as it might have been during cotton exporting days. Make your way to Christ Church, one of the oldest churches in all of Georgia, before heading to the Maritime Museum for a peek at our military history; this day promises to be filled with adventure!

Day 6

Sadly, this is your last full day on the island, so why not spend it enjoying the amenities of your SSI Rentals cozy beach cottage? Sleep in late, walk along the shores right outside your home, and revel in the wonders we provide for all our guests! Reserve yours today!