Managing your Long Term Rental on St. Simons Island


Close up shot of the keys to one of our St. Simons long term rentals

Management Services for Your St. Simons Long Term Rentals

It’s obvious that we think SSI Rentals is the company you should choose, but we don’t expect you to just take our word on it.  We want you to read through everything we do and then ask yourself, what other company does so much, what other company CARES so much?  We’ve been in business for over 20 years on St. Simons Island.  We live here, we shop here, we have raised our families here and we think it’s the most wonderful place on earth, which is a message we convey to prospective guests.  But it’s more than that; we might make it look easy, but owning a long term rental property is hard work – hard work that we take on so you don’t have to!

First comes marketing

It doesn’t matter how nicely you equip your home, how luxurious it is or even how beautiful the decor is if you don’t get the word out, it will never get rented!  Our marketing strategy – part of what makes us a top property management company – ensures people will know your house is the best house on the market.  We will list your house on the most popular websites for vacation rentals as well as putting a listing on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) so local agents will have a chance to provide guests for you as well.  Some property HOA prohibit placing a sign in the yard, but if permitted, a professional sign will be “planted” in the front yard of the home allowing for interested parties who happen to be driving by to call for showing.  And because we understand your desire to be kept in the loop, you will receive activity reports every week or every other week giving you the opportunity to see how much interest has been raised.

Screening potential renters

Our rental property management team will treat your property as if it were our own.  We know the time and expense you have put into this home and use all tools necessary to ensure that potential renters are a good fit, including extensive background checks.  Before we hand the keys over to anyone, we will check their credit history, verify their employment status and require proof of income.  We check their criminal background and their rental history, and finally, unlike other companies, we actually contact their references.  We don’t take any chances when entrusting your property to potential guests.

Move in and guest management

Once we have found the perfect guest and have them sign the lease we prepared, it doesn’t mean our job is complete – now it’s time for moving day!  A security deposit is required before we hand over the keys and we also perform a thorough move in inspection utilizing video and regular cameras, making sure we go over every square inch of the home.  When it is time for the guest to move out, we will compare the videos and pictures to ensure the home is in the same shape (if not better) as the day they moved in.  After that we will continue to collect the rent and handle any late fees, should they arise.  If something should break or wear out, the guests will know to contact us immediately; all problems will be handled by our team in a prompt fashion, emails and phone calls are returned immediately.  If there happens to be any HOA violations, we will deal with those too and upon move out day, we perform another thorough inspection as part of our top tier rental property management services.

What SSIRentals does for you, the homeowner?

When you choose SSI Rentals as your property management company, you will learn that we deal with the daily headaches of managing a property.  We have a team of contractors and licensed vendors on hand in order to deal with routine maintenance issues and have staff available 24 hours a day in case of an emergency.  We don’t just collect the rent; we inspect the property on a regular basis to ensure there are no nasty surprises at the end of the lease.  And we perform preventative maintenance such as HVAC check-ups, chimney cleaning on the properties with fireplaces, and even pest control.  We cover it all while you get to rest easily at night knowing your property is in secure hands.  All you have to do is deposit the checks your investment is earning for you each month.