Taking Care of Your St Simons Island Property

The key of one of our St. Simons Island Property in the front door

How We Take Care of Your St. Simons Island Property

What if you have a second home, but you aren’t interested in renting it out?  This is a home you bought specifically for getting away from the stresses of everyday living on a regular basis and you just don’t want to deal with the odds of strangers being in your home during a weekend you might need to get away.  Chances are you don’t live within an easy driving distance that will allow you to perform the upkeep and maintenance that all houses need, nor will you be able to just swing by to make sure everything looks ok.  Did you know that rental property management companiesSSI Rentals in particular – offer house sitting services?  An unwatched house that is empty even part of the year can lead to homeowner nightmares and we have worked out a house sitting program – in addition to our property rental management services – that helps to avoid even minor inconveniences in your second home.

What our services include

Below is a list of the services we provide when you hire us to watch over your property.  Home management is an important job that we take very seriously and we protect your investment as if it were our own, so this is a partial list.  First and foremost, we periodically drive by, checking for any obvious issues; are the branches of the beautiful tree you have planted in the front yard protruding over the sidewalk, obstructing pedestrians?  Our professionals we hire will trim and prune the tree, helping it maintain a healthy but non-obstructive shape.

We regularly schedule inspections to ensure no damage has come to the house, but after a storm has passed over the island, we conduct inspections to survey for roof leaks, damaged windows, and other storm related problems.  We also include pest maintenance in our services; nothing ruins a weekend getaway faster than nasty insects who have claimed your home as their own.

Do you live on St. Simons Island for extended periods of time?  We offer mail collection and forward your mail to your primary address when you are away.  Preparing the home for the winter is another duty we perform as part of our Home management house sitting.  Georgia winters aren’t all that bad, but we do have the occasional harsh winter storm and you won’t have to worry about frozen pipes or gas lines.  If you let us know ahead of time that you are planning to come for a stay, we will prepare your home for your arrival.  Cleaning, opening the windows to let the fresh air in and rid the house of that musty empty scent – it’s just part of our job!

Roland Daniels Properties aka SSIRentals.com does it all

We are a full service company that has been in business on St. Simons Island for over 20 years and we are the best at what we do.  In addition to house sitting, our real estate company offers full service property rental management for both long and short term rentals, vacation rentals, and home and condo sales for all the Golden Isles areas.  We live here and will be your neighbor during your stay on these beautiful islands, so why not give us a call at 912-289-5880 and find out more about why we are a top rental property management company and what we can do for you to help make your Home ownership a pleasurable experience.  We look forward to hearing from you!