Southeast Georgia Health System Bridge Run

For most of us, the month of February symbolizes the end of our New Year’s resolutions, citing job stresses and life problems—or we over shot and made our resolutions too hard to be realistic! We get it. Who wants to give up chocolate or go to the gym every day anyway?

There is a certain portion of the population, however, for whom February symbolizes the start of their biggest challenge. February 18, 2017 is the date of the Southeast Georgia Health System Bridge Run. Billed as Georgia’s toughest 5K, some of our best American athletes take part in this grueling run, but don’t let that stop you from signing up during your St. Simons Island vacation if you’re interested; resolution breakers may still want to give the Bridge Run a try! Walking the course allows athletes of all skill levels the chance to participate in this worthy cause; all the proceeds go towards the Southeast Georgia Health System’s Cancer programs.

Put on Your Running Shoes

The cost of this 5K is comparable to other ones you may have participated in previously: $40 for individuals, or $38 dollars if you are running with a team of 10 people or more. Firefighter teams must have a minimum of three people running, but the team can be as large as you want—not everyone has to run. Fees for firefighters are waived; however, firefighters must run in firefighting gear, including both liners, the jackets, the pants, and the helmets. Feel free to skip the boots, running shoes are acceptable!

Plan to Attend the Pre-Party

The party is the best part of this entire deal. Held at the Sydney Lanier Bridge on Highway 17 in Brunswick the night before the run (5:00-8:00PM), a pasta dinner and expo is the highlight of the run and only costs $5 per person. This is also where you will pick up your bib number, shirt, and timing chips.

We Also Love the Prizes!

Not that WE have ever won any; we are just excited for the top tier athletes who do. Monetary prizes are awarded to the top three teams, and the top three male and female individuals. Other prize winning categories include Fast but Last and Oldie but a Goodie. As each year passes, we start edging closer and closer to the last category—maybe there is hope for us yet! Race times start at 8 AM for the Firefighter Challenge, 9AM for the runners, and 10AM for the walkers.

Rest After the Race with SSI Rentals

Nothing says relaxation like soaking your tired tootsies in a hot tub in your favorite SSI Rentals vacation home after the run. Book yours today and recuperate in style!