Golden Isles Restaurants

The Golden Isles are a one of kind string of islands that have brought travelers from all over the country over the last century. It consists of four islands on the southeastern coast of Georgia. The Golden Isles are known for their incredible landscape and unparalleled cultural significance, but as these islands have become very attractive vacation destinations, they are also home to fantastic restaurants that will please everyone in the family. Here are some of the most notable restaurants on the Golden Isles.

St Simons Island

St Simon’s Island is the largest of those in the Golden Isles and as such, boasts some of the best restaurants in the Golden Isles. Start with breakfast at Palmer’s Village Café. Here, you will find a friendly staff and an extensive menu featuring all of your favorite breakfast classics, as well as some Georgia delicacies. For an amazing Italian dinner that has quickly become a local favorite, go to Tramici. Endless delicious amalgamations continuously emerge from the massive brick oven.

Jekyll Island

The Grand Dining Room offers a one of a kind experience at Jekyll Island. There is something about the ambiance here that will make you feel like royalty. The efficiency and attention to detail of the service, along with the diverse menu, are big aspects of what makes this restaurant so special. Enjoy a special experience from 4 to 5 pm when they have a special teatime. For a casual experience in the beauty of the outdoors of Jekyll, visit the Courtyard at Crane. The brunch buffet is a particularly satisfying experience that will leave you happy and full. Other Golden Isles restaurants have a lot to live up to after a visit here!

Sea Island

This island is probably the most luxurious of the isles, as it is home to some of the most prestigious resorts and spas in the entire country. The only beachfront restaurant on the island is called Southern Tide Restaurant. Here, you can find locally caught, fresh seafood prepared according to classic southern recipes. There is plenty of variety and big flavors on the menu. Getting some of this incredible seafood is the best way to enjoy your Georgia style vacation.

More Delicious Places to Visit

The Golden Isles are home to some incredible establishments and experiences that have brought people to its shores for decades. These amazing restaurants on the Golden Isles only begin to scratch the surface of everything that these isles have to offer. Plan your next vacation here and experience Southern cuisine and hospitality like never before.

Other fun attractions on the Golden Isles include: