Chichota Cottage

Visit the Ruins of Railroad Tycoon Jay Gould’s Chichota Cottage on Jekyll Island

Jekyll Island was founded on lavish principals and luxury. A group of America’s elite came together and formed the Jekyll Island Club in 1887 to set up a vacation destination for them all to escape to at their leisure. The island was to house their clubhouse, giant mansions that they called cottages, a marina, and all the markings of luxury. Most of these cottages have been well preserved and turned into alternative uses such as hotels, restaurants,or shops—except one.

The Chichota Cottage St. Simons Island GA was the beloved cottage of Edwin Gould, son of railroad tycoon Jay Gould. The Chichota Cottage was built in 1887 and was a testament to Gould’s love for Jekyll Island. Gould loved the island and spent much time here during his youth and before his death. Edwin Gould died in a tragic hunting accident, leaving Chichota Cottage abandoned.

Unlike all of the other cottages on Jekyll Island, Chichota Cottage was not restored; it was instead torn down. Nothing currently remains of the cottage but a hole marking its site and two stone lions that once marked its entrance. The lions once guarded a lavish home that was well used, but now guard a few small palms. The once grand palace of elegance and leisure is now nothing but a grim reminder of what once was.

Visiting Chichota Cottage’s Remnants

The Chichota Cottage location is a popular tourist attraction to this day and a fun thing to do in St. Simons Georgia. The stone lion statues make a great grim photo opportunity and a story to take home as a memento of your vacation. The remaining land is a historic landmark and marks both the cottage and the attached “casino,” a building that once housed tennis courts, a bowling alley, locker rooms, and a recreation area.

The unfortunate tragedy of Chichota Cottage St. Simons Island GA is only told by those lone stone lions that mark the entrance to the property. The tragic ending of Edwin Gould marked the end of Chichota Cottage due to Jay Gould’s inability to move past his son’s death. The property is a creepy reminder of how precious life is and how we should strive to make the most of it. If you would like more info on Chichota Cottage or any of the other cottages on Jekyll Island, please contact our office or browse our website for more details. We would love to help plan your next Jekyll Island vacation!