Coastal Georgia Historical Society

St. Simons Island, Georgia is a quaint and charming coastal community with a unique history and a culture all its own. The people of St. Simons are very proud of this history and culture and have established the Coastal Georgia Historical Society in an effort to preserve, recognize and uphold the history and culture on which this special part of the country was founded upon.

According to the society’s own website, “Since it’s founding in 1965, The Coastal Georgia Historical Society has celebrated and preserved the heritage of our majestic coastal area…dedicated to preserving the facilities and resourced reflective of the cultural and historical foundations of our coastal community.”

Beginning of the Society

The Society has been a presence in the community since 1965 when a small group of 10 citizens came together to gather support from the community and help preserve the early coastal heritage. When commercial developments threatened some of the historical landmarks and other Saint Simons Island attractions, the newly developed society made great efforts to gather volunteers and raise money for restoration of old buildings and to create museums of these places instead.

Volunteering, Tours & More

The Coastal Georgia Historical Society offers lots of volunteer opportunities today to for those who want to serve as museum guides, group tour guides, education specialists, research and collections agents, special events staff, facilities maintenance and more for the many St. Simons Island tourist attractions.

Group tours and school tours are available to learn more about all of St. Simons many unique museums and the society is on hand to help schedule these tours and the many various special events that take place within the community throughout the year. Tours include the Lighthouse School Tour and the Lighthouse and Museum Tour with ticket prices ranging from just $3 for kids and students to $12 for adults depending on the tour. Learn more about the Coastal Georgia Historical Society, and how to get involved the in the preservation of Saint Simons Island attractions, by visiting their main website.

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