Visit the Historic Crane Cottage During Your Jekyll Island Vacation 

The Crane Cottage Jekyll Island is one of the most famous pieces of architecture and one of the top attractions in Jekyll Island. The Italianate villa architecture is a beacon of class in this historic town that will leave you in awe. If you are visiting Jekyll Island, you must stop and see this amazing building and take in the epitome of a grand villa for yourself.

History of The Crane Cottage Jekyll Island

The Crane Cottage Jekyll Island was constructed in 1917 and has adorned Jekyll Island’s Historic District with its Italianate villa architecture. The home was built by a Chicago native, Richard T. Crane Jr., who was the heir to the Crane Plumbing fortune. The cottage was cited in 1924 by Architectural Record as the most expensive and elegant winter home ever built on Jekyll Island. However, don’t be fooled by its name or its historic description; this cottage is two stories and would fit three to four normal cottages within its walls.

In 2000, this historic home went under a complete restoration. The year-long process produced the current restored building and allowed viewers to see the cottage in pristine condition. This restoration process was funded due to the cottage becoming a part of the Jekyll Island Club Hotel. Top historic renovation architects, designers, and landscape experts worked to return The Crane Cottage Jekyll Island to its original style of grace and elegance. With the restoration, the upper story now fits thirteen guest rooms along with the traditional cottage layout.

Crane Cottage’s Design

The Crane Cottage Jekyll Island was built as a vacation home and features a very lavish style and design. The front of the property opens into the main hall. This hall provides the meeting place for visitors and is the bottom of a u-shaped design of the cottage. In the middle of the U is the courtyard. The courtyard features flowing gardens, lush grass, and a central fountain which can be seen by any interior window. The rest of the first floor also features the kitchen, dining room, library, and three suites.  The second floor once housed all the personal rooms for the cottage, and has been restored and remodeled for guests.

Although The Crane Cottage Jekyll Island is now used as part of the hotel, the architecture has been remarkably well preserved and restored. If you are a fan of Italianate villa architecture, or you just want to see a piece of history, then Crane Cottage is a must see top attraction in Jekyll Island on your vacation!