Dining at the Georgian Room Restaurant in St. Simons Island

If you’re looking to partake in one of the more high-end attractions in St. Simons Island you’ll have to make a short venture across the Atlantic Ocean to Sea Island for Georgia’s finest dining experience. Forbes’ Travel Guide’s only Five-Star restaurant in the state, The Georgian Room restaurant in St. Simons Island, is renowned for its classy atmosphere, impeccable service, and most importantly, delicious food.

The Georgian Room is located inside the gorgeous five-star hotel, The Cloister. You don’t have to be staying at the hotel to enjoy dining at the Georgian Room, but it is required that you make reservations for dinner; this is a popular restaurant in St. Simons Island on a mostly unpopulated island.

Five-Star Service & Decor

Dining inside the Georgian Room has been compared to eating at a palace. Elegant décor, shiny porcelain, a warm ambiance, and an excellent waiting staff will make you feel like royalty. Crystal chandeliers shine above you inside, or the moonlight can light your meal at the dining garden outside. The Southern hospitality never feels forced, and the complimentary courses will ease your belly while waiting for your main dish.

Dining Selections

The menu is seasonal, and generally follows a farm-to-table cuisine theme. There are a few Southern classics on the menu, but you should look elsewhere if you expect a traditional plate of fried chicken and corn.

The menu is sorted by categories like “Sea”, “Range,” and “Garden,” making for simple identification of where your dish is freshly prepared. The diver scallop and caviar is a favorite from the “Sea.” Veal cheek and Colorado domestic lamb are two seasonal choices on the “Range” menu. Prospective visitors should visit the Georgian Room’s website, or call ahead, for the most up-to-date seasonal menu selections.

Of course, fine dining means you can expect a unique dessert treat that will leave your mouthwatering – and your belly full. Crème brulee bread pudding soufflé with “Cherries Jubilee” ice cream is currently batting leadoff on the Georgian Room’s short—but very sweet—dessert menu. If your eyes manage to wander any farther, you’ll find the coconut pudding “pie” crust, mango, passion fruit, and shortbread dish. We’re sure your sweet tooth will be satisfied with any of the dessert choices.


Visitors to the Georgian Room are treated to a classy affair, and are politely asked to dress for the occasion. Casual attire is okay for breakfast, but men are expected to wear a suit jacket and other formal attire for dinner. Similarly, women and children should dress up in formal attire. For all of its classiness, the Georgian Room is still a very kid-friendly restaurant in St. Simons Island. Chef Daniel Zeal has even been known to customize his dishes for younger attendees of the Georgian Room.