The Historic Ritz Theater of Brunswick, GA

In 1899, the Ritz Theatre of Brunswick, GA’s Old Town district began its life as the Grand Opera House. Featuring intricate and elaborate brick and stone work, the three-story Victorian building was built for the stage, later serving as a theatre for vaudeville. Finally, as movies grew in popularity during the 1920’s, the Grand Opera House was updated with an art deco ambiance, with painted bricks, Carrara glass, and ornate marquee and cascading signs—giving the building the distinctive look that defines the hallmarks of this Brunswick, GA theater today.

The Ritz Theatre suffered from the decline of single movie houses in the 1960’s and the 1970’s. However, in 1981, the City of Brunswick purchased the Ritz and began the second series of upgrades and renovations. Eventually, the Ritz would become part of the theatre preservation organization called Fox Theatre Institute, which worked with several local teams beginning in 2008 to restore some of the Ritz’ glamour from ages past using the building’s original construction materials.

The restoration efforts were wildly successful. Today, visitors of this Brunswick, GA theater can enjoy elegant vintage quality within a wholly modern structure!

See a Modern-Day Performance at the Ritz Theatre in Brunswick, GA!

The Ritz Theatre in Brunswick, GA ultimately offers performances, cultural events, and educational exhibits to the public. It is the host venue to a number of musical performances, classic movies, and art exhibits throughout the season, tickets for which can be purchased online or at the Ritz Theatre box office. Box office, gallery, and historic Ritz Theatre hours are 9:00am to 5:00pm on Wednesday through Friday, 10:00am until 2:00pm on Saturdays, and by appointment and event times accordingly. Ticket prices will vary depending on the event or performance that you choose.

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