Visiting The Horton Pond – One of the More Peaceful Jekyll Island Activities

Take the dirt path located on off of North Beachview Drive across from Villas by the Sea and you will find Horton Pond: a lush, secluded habitat for a diverse range of local wildlife, including birds, fish, turtles, and alligators. Recent improvements to the pond area have allowed visitors of all ages to observe the wildlife and surrounding flora without disturbing the delicate ecosystem. A wheelchair-accessible viewing platform has been installed overlooking the pond, as well as a sunning platform in the middle of the pond for better views of the amphibian and reptilian inhabitants.

Surrounding Horton Pond is Tupelo Trail, a nature trail which is 0.7 miles long. It features not only picturesque views of the pond and surrounding forest, but also educational plaques identifying the various types of native plants, with plans for more plaques to be added in the future for educational purposes.

When visiting this serene natural habitat, remember to pick up after yourself and others; previous visitors to Horton Pond damaged and littered the area and nearly closed off Horton Pond to the public for good. Fishing is not allowed, and feeding any wildlife (including turtles and alligators) is strictly prohibited on Jekyll Island.

Hours and Admission Pricing

Horton Pond is one of the many free things to do at Jekyll Island, all you have to do is pay the initial admission price to get onto Jekyll Island. There do not appear to be restricted hours, though we recommend going no later than the afternoon for your safety. The parking lot can accommodate up to six vehicles and a number of bicycles on its adjacent bike rack, so you and your loved ones—friends, family, or both—can all visit Horton Pond in all of its scenic glory.

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