Mildred Huie Museum at the Mediterranean House

St. Simons Island is one of the most beautiful islands in the United States. You can find it just outside of the historic city of Brunswick in the southeast of Georgia. The area has won over the hearts and minds of countless people for generations because of its unbeatable natural beauty, one of a kind history, and unique culture. Within that culture, the arts have a very strong presence throughout the community, and there is perhaps no one who portrays that art better than Mildred Nix Huie. Today, this woman and her art are celebrated at the Mildred Huie Museum at the Mediterranean House.

About the Museum

Mildred Nix Huie was an American artist, sculptor, historian, and writer who lived from 1906 to 2000. She made the Mediterranean House her studio on the island in the year of 1967, where she would share and a spread a profound love of the arts with the community there. Today, many of her original paintings are displayed throughout the home, built in 1929.

The plantation and landmark room is another section of this St. Simons Island museum that celebrates the history of the area of St. Simons Island and Brunswick. This particular exhibit was inspired by Huie’s love for the history of these areas. She did a great deal of research into that history, mostly as it pertains to plantations, so that she could create models and paintings of them, all of which were historically accurate; these are in this section of the museum for everyone’s enjoyment.

Things to Do

Obviously, if you are a lover of the arts, this is a place that you must visit during your next trip to the island. As it is a celebration of someone who’s love for the arts is unlikely surpassed, much of the paintings, artifacts, and literature will surely move those lovers of art. But there is plenty more that brings people to the Mediterranean House. For one, it is simply an exquisite home, laid out on a beautiful property. Visitors are welcome to stroll the ornate interior of the home before they take to the rest of the estate, canopied by massive oak trees draped in moss—a signature of the area that really comes alive here.

You can find this St. Simons Island museum smack dab in the center of the island. As such, there is plenty of natural beauty and exciting thins to do around the museum. Come to the museum and make a day out of it by grabbing a delicious meal or drink after this amazing experience.