Jekyll Island Wharf

In the early 1900s, Jekyll Island was constructed by our country’s elite. The millionaires and moguls of our country set out to create a luxurious location where they could escape the busyness of city life. Along with the construction of their Jekyll Island Club and their luxurious cottages, the eccentric millionaires also constructed the Jekyll Island Wharf to dock their boats. Jekyll Island Wharf is still used to house boats, feed hungry guests, and treat you like a millionaire.

Charter Boats at the Wharf

Visitors in Jekyll Island owe it to themselves to live like the millionaires of the past and experience the Jekyll Island Wharf attraction in Jekyll Island. Visitors can charter a boat to take them and their families out onto the ocean, enjoy the cool ocean air, and live like JP Morgan did for a day. When you disembark at the Jekyll Island Marina, you will walk up the pier to the wharf proper, in the process passing shrimp boats, excursion ships, and private crafts on your way to the historic district.

Food & Drink Options

If you are hungry after your maritime journey, the new dockside restaurant The Wharf is quickly becoming a local favorite and features some of the best seafood around. With seating outside by the docks or inside in their brand new dining room, this restaurant will wine and dine you with fresh seafood, great service, and views of the Jekyll Island Wharf throughout your meal.

Along with the amazing food, let the staff at The Wharf give you a bit of a history lesson on Jekyll Island. The restaurant was once used as a warehouse for supplies and ice when Jekyll Island was first founded.

Along with The Wharf restaurant, the Jekyll Island Wharf has many other options to offer. Right across from the wharf lies the Jekyll Island Club Hotel and PaPa’s Boat shrimp sales.

Dock Your Own Boat

If you are a sea captain yourself, the wharf also has boat accommodations. The wharf has about 435 feet of outside docking space with a three-foot depth at low tide.  Island side docking is also available, but these docks are mostly dry at low tide.

Visit Jekyll Island Wharf Today

If you are looking for a seaside adventure during your vacation to Jekyll Island, look no further than Jekyll Island Wharf. This iconic wharf is perfect to experience a little of the highlife much like those millionaires that founded the city. The Jekyll Island Wharf is a fun thing to do in Jekyll Island on your next vacation.