St. Simons Island Events

A beautiful vacant beach, perfect for holding one of many St. Simons Island events

On-going Saint Simons Island Events

We’re sure you have heard of the slow Southern pace of life that makes island life so special, but we hope you realize that slow doesn’t mean boring.  From tastings to historic tours to Sundays with music in the park the Saint Simons Island events schedule will keep you hopping!  If you happen to be visiting during the summer months, make sure you stay over Independence Day…our St. Simons Old Fashioned 4th of July celebration will bring you back to the simpler celebrations of your youth… one spent eating ice cream, apple pie and oohing and awing over the spectacular fireworks display!  Take a painting technique class on Mondays at Glynn Visual Arts Center or pottery classes on Thursday…or both…you’re on vacation and you get to spend the time however you want to spend it! But this isn’t all! Read on for more detailed information about the best events in St. Simons Island!



January, 2017

St. Simons Island Storytelling Festival

Next year, one of the most interesting St. Simons Island events will be held by an artist that can weave a story with words, one that can grab us by our hearts and draw us into their world. One who can make us laugh with a nonsensical phrase, one who can make us cry just from the somber tenor of their voice: an artist who just makes us think about things. These artists who paint pictures with their words are storytellers and St. Simons recognizes their contributions to humanity with their own festival…the St. Simons Island Storytelling Festival.

The Details

This soon to be annual festival will next be held February 5th through February 7th at Epworth by the Sea, a Christian Conference and Retreat Center on the Frederica River. Registration opens January 8, 2017 for those choosing not to stay at Epworth and forms are available online…just click the online registration link at and you will be on your way to a weekend of laughter, tears and storytelling at its finest.

The Artists

There are four storytellers lined up for this February Festival, the first one being Donald Davis. Known as “the Dean of Storytelling”, he teaches, he writes, he is a guest host for a NPR and is a retired minister…oh and he has four sons to boot! This man can do it all! Carmen Agra Deedy, the second storyteller on the Festival roster, is an award winning author of children’s books such as “The Cheshire Cheese Cat” and “Martina, the Beautiful Cockroach”, all published in both English and Spanish. This multi-talented traveling storyteller is one of America’s favorites! Next in the lineup, is Andy Offutt Irwin “The Man is an Outer-kid” In addition to storytelling, Andy is a humorist, a singer/songwriter and a naughty child disguised as a grown up. Make sure you aren’t taking sips of your beverages while he is telling his stories…you might find yourself doing a spit take! And last, but obviously not least, we have Bill Lepp known as the Champion Liar of Tall Tales & Witty Stories. He is the author of 3 books and doesn’t really lie…he just stretches the truth…to a point you won’t recognize it anymore! (Ok…he IS a Liar…and a beautifully funny, yet family friendly one at that!)

Laughter is good for the soul

And the St. Simons Storytelling Festival is good for the entire person…soul, heart, mind AND body! Come sit at the feet of Americas champion storytellers…we promise you will love the pictures these artists paint with words!

January 1, 2017

A Culture Rich Experience

Imagine a dinner theatre experience which provides delicious food and classic films and you understand the Cinema Gourmet Series at the Historic Ritz. This event curates the best cinema experiences, not just for the film buffs, but for the whole community.

Great Cinema

Making their round through the movie circuit are iconic films like the 1974 Conrack, a film based on the autobiography of Pat Conroy, a leader in Southern literature in the late-20th century. Or consider another classic filmd, Sunset Boulevard, a 1950 black comedy which details the life of a failed screenwriter. Hailed as “culturally, historically, or ascetically significant” by the Library of Congress and nominated for 11 Academy Awards, this is a historic piece of Cinema.

Quality Food

The cuisine is provided by Chef Kate Buchanan and her Indigo Coastal Shanty, a food joint described as “big on friendless and fresh flavors”. This positive energy food is the perfect companion to enrich the landmark films present at Cinema Gourmet.

The Details

If this sounds like fun, keep an eye of the Historic Ritz Theatre schedule who presents this community engaging experiences nearly each month, at least once, on Thursday. What’s even better is you won’t be paying cinema prices, as tickets for the movie are only $5, and $18 to be included on the dinner – a great price to enjoy quality cuisine with a movie. It’s easy to find the Historic Ritz Theatre, just look for the 1899 style opera house on F street and New Castle, north of Glouchester downtown.

Check it Out

If you need a place to stay while visiting the Cinema Gourmet series or other Brunswick locations, SSI Rentals can help you. Don’t hold back from engaging the rich community of Brunswick, check out the Cinema Gourmet Series and leave an enlightened cinema critic and foodie.

May 1 – November 24

Welcome to Brunswick Farmer’s Market

If you’re looking for the freshest food, look no farther than Brunswick Farmer’s Market. This pairing of quality taste and locally sourced food appears every week, on Tuesday and Friday from 8am until 2pm. This easy to find location is in downtown Brunswick at the mall for the peak of harvest season, between May 1st and November 24th.

Local Vendors Who Bring the Best

Visitors will be treated to produce from Apple Creek Farms, a second generation farm which is known for their 100% grass-feed beef and lamb, as well a variety of poultry, all pasture based and organic. Borealis Bread follows a 21 year tradition of using locally grown grains and flours to create mouthwatering doughs full of flavors only accomplished through expert fermenting. If you’re looking for seafood, The Lobster Ladies of Harpswell bring in the best Maine lobsters within 24 hours. This straight from fisher to table method means the freshest catches available. York Hills Farms is responsible for the creation of the finest goat cheeses. They offer sampling of all their delicious cheeses and also provide great information on their processes. For some quality adornments, Kennebec Flower Farm brings sustainable farming practices to their art of flower cultivation. Here you can pick up the brightest lilies and most aromatic roses.

A Market for More than Food

This farmers market in Brunswick brings together a community committed to quality products to keep you as healthy as possible. Rather or not you need produce, this is a great place to stop and converse with the beaming faces of farmers who are expert in their crafts. SSI Rentals is happy to say that Brunswick Farmer’s Market brings together not only the best foods, but the best people!

July 4th, 2017

St. Simons Island 4th of July Sunshine Festival

The area’s vibrant 4th of July celebrations make this a favorite time of year for vacationers to visit the Golden Isles of Georgia. In particular, the St. Simons Island annual Sunshine Festival is a tradition that has been honored for more than 60 years and continues to provide numerous family-friendly activities and festivities.

Event Details

• Sunshine Festival 5K & 1 Mile Fun Run: This is a great event for the whole family to participate in on the morning of Independence Day. The Fun Run begins at 7:30AM, and the 5K will begin at 8AM from Mallery Park. This is also where participants will finish and awards will be given out.

• Fireworks: A spectacular fireworks show will take place at 9PM on July 4th at Neptune Park in Pier Village. Prepare to come down early and pick your spot for the oceanfront display.

• Sunshine Festival Arts and Crafts Show: Locally made arts and crafts will be featured from 10AM-5PM every day of the festival at Postell Park. Pieces will include pottery, paintings, garden art, jewelry, photography, and much more.


The 2017 Sunshine Festival will run from Saturday, July 2nd to Monday, July 4th.


Registration for the 5K and Fun Run is $15 for those 17 and younger and $25 for 18 and up until July 2. The day of the race registration will be $30.

Mark your calendar and be sure to plan your St. Simon Island getaway accordingly for a chance to attend this year’s 4th of July observance.



Every October in Brunswick, Georgia, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources/Coastal Resources Division has hosted a day dedicated to environmental education. From 10:00 in the morning until 4:00 in the afternoon, children of all ages have the opportunity to learn how to take care of the environment…especially the coastal areas they call home…while having a really excellent time participating in interactive exhibits.

Since 1995

CoastFest has started off the national CoastWeeks event on the first Saturday in October, entertaining people as they educate. Wander the exhibits and participate in recycling activities; your children will love the live creature exhibits where they get hands on experience, holding, touching and petting various birds and sea creatures. Baby alligators, ducks, even crabs and shrimp are displayed, giving everyone an opportunity to see why being eco-friendly isn’t just a fad…it’s important to all earths creatures! Focusing on Georgia’s coastal environments, this festival has awed and amazed visitors and residents alike. Where else do you get the chance to pet a baby alligator, shoot a bow and arrow, and learn to paddle a kayak all on the same day? Enter an art contest, or peruse the exhibits that teach about The Dolphin Project, Adopt-A-Stream, or even let you children try their hand at “drowning worms” in the Kids Fishing Hole…whatever excites your interest can be found at CoastFest, a family friendly educational festival guaranteed to have your entire family counting the days until NEXT year’s event!

It’s not too early…

Remember, Brunswick is just a hop, skip and a car ride away from St. Simons Island and although this year’s CoastFest has already come and gone, it’s not too soon to start planning your 2017 October vacation to coincide with one of the best environmentally and family friendly festivals the Golden Isles has to offer!

October, 2017

Women’s Art Retreat

Brunswick isn’t the only place in Georgia to host crowd gathering events. In 2017, Saint Simons Island will present a weekend experience sure to make artists glows; the Color Your World Creative Retreat.

This weekend experience nurtures women through a positive group of female interactions and tutors women in art as well. This is an enriching experience sure to lift women’s spirits to new heights as they tap into positive energy. Art therapy is a method of healing and surely these same benefits will be conveyed as women paint, express themselves, and release their worries. Aptly put, the retreat describes itself as an art inspired gathering for women.

The Science of Art

This event presented by Get Your Muse On describes the retreat as backed by science, citing several studies. One studies reveals a correlation of women’s quantity of friends to a reduction of risk for physical impairments with age. Another study suggests that arts increase social engagement, as well increasing brain functions and general health. The final cited piece declares that a trait of happy people is that their money is invested in experiences, travel, and memories – rather than just material gains. These research articles all suggest that a women’s art retreat is an effortless choice, sure to improve any women’s quality of life.

Paint Your Calendar

The details for the 2017 experience are still pending. Regardless of the dates, SSI Rentals will be available and ready to support. Mark your calendar and get ready for yourself, or significant other, to have an experience of a life time.

November 13th – November 19th, 2017

The McGladrey Classic Golf Tournament

One of the more popular St. Simons Island events is he RSM, the new title of the McGladrey classic. This golf tournament pits professional golfers into a neck and neck game where every stroke counts. The money raised through this event goes to charity, in a hybrid of professional sports and altruism. However, a tournament is only as good as its venue, and this tournament is in luck.

Two Course You Have to Try

The Sea Island Golf Course hosting the event sports two courses of utmost quality to challenge golfers: the seaside course and plantation course. Ranked in Golf Digests within the top 100 course of the United States, the Oceanside course provides a water trap along the length of the ocean side and plenty of dunes and marshes elsewhere, requiring calculated swings. Her sister course, the plantation, is equally challenging with a forest of tree with creeks and lakes throughout the area. Similar to seaside, the ocean isn’t far off, but the traits of the plantation course include a larger fairway focus.

It’s Not Too Late to Buy Tickets

To be a spectator at this iconic golf competition designed to raise money for others, mark your calendar for November 14-20th. Tickets are scheduled to be available in June, plenty in advance for the November game. If you are feeling charitable, a $20 donation to the Davis Love Foundation will get you a free slice of pizza and Blue Moon beer at the Mellow Mushroom who has a ‘chill club” nearby.

Get Ready to Golf

It’s easy to justify some golf fun when it’s for such a good cause like charity. If you need help planning your visit, SSI rentals can help. Until then, keep working on your golf game.

December, 2017

12 Days of Christmas Tour of Lights

The community of St. Simons Island comes together once again this year to spread holiday cheer during the annual 12 Days of Christmas Tour of Lights. Put on by the Lighthouse Trolleys and Boat Tours, this is a favorite event for both residents and Golden Isles visitors every year.

Event Details:

Grab a seat aboard St. Simons Island’s famous trolley car for an hour and a half ride through the city’s local neighborhoods to see the creative and festive Christmas light displays homeowners have set up this year. There’s no better way to get yourself and your entire family into the holiday spirit, as everyone joins in together on board the trolley to sing their favorite songs of the season. There’s also a special stop to see Santa along the way and enjoy some complimentary refreshments.

Make sure to have your cameras ready because this is a memorable activity you’ll want to document with plenty of photos.


The big green trolley departs from the Village by the Pier. The meeting point is underneath the giant oak tree.


Tickets for public tours are $20 for adults and $10 for children 12 years and younger. Private group tours are also available – call to book in advance.  This event sells out every year, so don’t wait to book your seats!

December 4th – 5th, 2017

Hofwyl Christmas

Even in the form of historical reenactment! December brings about the 34th Annual Hofwyl Plantation Christmas, a portrayal of how Christmas was celebrated in the 1800s on Southern rice plantations. This is an experience unique to Brunswick Georgia that deserves attention.

Be the Plantation

Visitors will feel immersed in the Southern experiences as they walk down carriage roads and explore old plantation homes with a candle in hand for their light, just like back in the day. To make the adventure as real as possible, Civil War reenactors will be present, making this feel like more than just a tour. This is a real plantation after all, even after rice became less advantageous to produce, the Hofwyl farm ran until 1913.

Experience Christmas

However this piece of historical bedrock won’t forget the festivities of the holidays. The agenda has hot wassail and cookies for snacks, Christmas carols will be sung, and the iconic star of Christmas gifting himself will be present, Santa Clause.

All of this can be experienced December 4th and 5th, for just $10 dollars; $5 for children. To get here, just look for the large plot of land at the intersection of highway 17 and the 99. This is a landmark site for Brunswick where any local can point you in the right direction.

The Learning Never Ends

If you miss the holiday event don’t worry, it’s been ongoing annual for 34 years now, and shows no sign of stopping. You can even visit Hofwyl in the non-holiday season to experience it’s historical side and learn from its museum, plus, there are other fun events throughout the year, like a Halloween plantation activity. Holiday or not, SSI Rentals just wants you to have a good time!

December TBD, 2017

Jekyll Island Comic Con

There’s probably not a person alive today who hasn’t heard of the modern day convention Comic Con, a traveling festival geared towards comic book, sci-fi, fantasy and gaming fanatics. Beginning waaaay back in 1970 in San Diego, now it’s a worldwide phenomenon with most major cities in the US and the world over have their own Comic Con weekends; Lucky for us Jekyll Island in Southern Georgia will be hosting their own two day fest in December. Dress in your favorite super hero or anime costume and join in the fun at Jekyll Island Comic Con!

The Party Begins

Jekyll Island Comic Con, although only a two day event, will not disappoint. For every comic book collector, Dungeons & Dragons game player, and anime lover, this is the once a year chance to dress up as your favorite character and just hang with other like-minded people! Love the Walking Dead? This is your chance to meet some of the cast! Dream of being a world famous comic artist? Jekyll Comic Con is hosting artists from Marvel and DC comics why not stop by their booth and get an autograph? For D&D players there will be open gaming and when your tired feet start demanding a rest, you can watch some of your favorite anime movies in the screening room! As if all this is not enough fun, after dark, they will be hosting cosplay contests with cash prizes! If you can think it, you will find it at the Jekyll Island Comic Fest!

And if that’s not good enough

Maybe this will convince you to start planning your December vacation around Jekyll Island’s Comic Con; did you know that they will be donating part of their ticket sales to not one but TWO wonderful charities? The Wounded Warrior Project and the Humane Society of South Coastal Georgia will be receiving a part of the ticket sales and ALL of the proceeds garnered from the different raffles being held throughout the day! If that doesn’t make you want to drop everything and start booking your vacation right now, nothing will! How many times in your life will you get to be a hero just by playing games and reading comic books for a day? Not many, my friend, not many at all!

December 29-31, 2017

Bluegrass Never Dies

There’s something stirring on Jekyll Island, but it’s not the islands usual fare. It’s the 42nd Annual New Year’s Bluegrass Festival. Here over 2 dozen Bluegrass acts gather to ring in the New Year with banjo and bass. This festival is put on by Adams Bluegrass LLC and brings in the talent of the Dayle Lawson, Rhonda Vincent, Gibson Bros, and Lou Reid. There’s a reason this tradition has continued for 40 years!

A Thriving Schedule of Tunes

To take part in this roaring good time, head over to the new Jekyll Island Convention Center for any of the festival’s three day run. The fun starts at noon and runs until 10pm Thursday through Saturday, December 29th through December 31st. Tickets are only $40 per day with a special deal of $90 for access to all three. Kids get a discount at $20 a ticket and $45 for the whole period. Even better, with this festival you don’t have to fight the crowds, as there are reserved seating options for only $5 more.

A Musical Melting Pot

Bluegrass music is a subset of country music, which explains its southern flair. It has eclectic roots from around the northern part of the world, including Ireland, Scotland, and England and even drew jazz elements from the African-American music of the time. Perhaps its Bluegrass’ diversity which makes it so enjoyed among a variety of people.

Whether you live near Jekyll Island already or are making a visit, the 41st Annual New Year’s Bluegrass Festival is sure to deliver.


Brunswick Rockin Stewbille

Stew is the new BBQ, and the Brunswick Rockin Stewbille is in its 15th year for 2017. Here’s the scoop.

This competition draws aspiring cooks, new and old, who compete to make the best stew. The categories are people’s choice and judges award for a variety of categories, meaning the participants have two angles: cater to the popular enjoyment or focus on a truly curated taste. The selected winners receive trophy to commemorate their win among the vast completion. Those who think they have the recipe to a stew win can sign up online to take place in next year’s cook off, or individuals can tour the event and do tastings.

A Day of More than Just Flavor

Those who come to watch the completion and breathe in the delicious wafting stew smells aren’t limited just to food. Last year event kicked off with a 5k race and had plenty of activities including live entertainment, a dog parade, cars shows, art and crafts displays, and an area just for kids. All of this for just $9, or $6 if tickets are bought in advance, and kids get a discount! Even better, this event is easy to find at the well-known Mary Ross Waterfront Park.

Ready Your Appetites

Specifics for 2017 are still in development, but you can be sure it will be a roaring good time. Keep an eye of Brunswick Rockin’ Stewbilee website to know as soon as information is published. This is a great event for a hungry crew or family fun. Count on SSI Rentals to host you or your family if the needs arise.

Ghosts and Legends

An exciting pairing has emerged, a tour of history and horror. This event explores a landmark location at a planation in Coastal Georgia which worked slaves and bears tales of ghosts. Visitors will find out what exactly occurred to create this lore, and perhaps have a chilling experience themselves within the acclaimed event, Ghost and Legends of Hofwyl-Broadfield Plantation, which recently ranked in the top ten Southern Plantations by USA Today.

The Devil’s in the Details

For an hour and a half guests will walk venture on a tour, nearly a half mile in length, packed full of interesting and spooky information. Guest will learn about the five generations of plantation owners who operated the fields and the slaves they kept. As well as the peak of plantation ghost stories, that of the Lowcountry rice fields. There’s a reason this tour is one of the best attractions in Brunswick.

This tour takes place Friday and Saturday evening, with next year’s dates to be announced. The years of 2016 offered experiences in Late March through April, as well as in October to fit the spooky season of Halloween, and one can expect a similar schedule for 2017. Ticket are priced $15 in advance, and $20 at the gate. The Hofwyl-Broadfield Plantation is easy to find, in-between Brunswick and Darien, just off US Highway 17.

Don’t Wait!

SSI Rentals knows a good time, and wants you to experience the artisan mix of educational history and exciting ghost lore. Buy your tickets right away to make sure you make it to one of the best experiences in Brunswick.

A New Take on the Old

The golden age of radio never died, or so it would seem with Ritz Radio Theatre. This fun new take on classic theatre, performs a radio style performance with a broadcaster and live sound effects. It’s full inundation into the days when families sat together around their radio box, tuning into the adventures of the Lone Ranger. The Ritz Radio Theatre takes its radio performance so seriously, they even do classic ads as part of their bit!

Classic Story to be Cherished

Slated for December is A Christmas Story: a tale of a boy who wants nothing more for Christmas than a red rider bb gun, despite the warnings from everyone that he’ll shoot his eye out. In this radio retelling, antics abound, revitalized by this radio version of what is already a beloved movie. Other performances have included Casablanca, The Wizard of Oz, and Its a Wonderful Life.

May the Arts Never End

This wouldn’t be possible without the Golden Isles Arts and Humanities who are dedicated to community and the arts. It is this fine establishment which has brought not only Ritz Radio Theatre, but comedy stage performances of the Princess and the Pea and the Cinema Gourmet, which pairs classic movies and fine food. If any of these events sound enticing, hop online to the and check out their event schedule, as there are always in shows in rotation. One needn’t feel saddened that December is past and the Christmas story is gone, not when there are more than enough other quality performances to take its place. Leave it to SSI Rentals to plug you into the best entertainment in Brunswick.


Wine Down Wednesdays at the Royal Treatment Cottage

First of all, it has to be said that the Royal Treatment Cottage has got to be The. Best. Name. EVER! Not even knowing what it is, we STILL want to go there…especially if they have wine! For the sake of clarity, however, we have investigated and now that we know…we want to go there even more!

The Royal Treatment Cottage

This cottage can be found on the grounds of The King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort, just a short hop, skip and a jump away from the beach. In this cottage, talented and knowledgeable staff members will pamper and indulge you with intuitive and healing massage therapy. It’s a place where couples can grow closer during side-by-side massages or a stressed mom (or dad) can get away from it all for 60-120 minutes, depending on what they feel they really need. In short, the Royal Treatment Cottage really offers you THE ROYAL TREATMENT!

Wine Down Wednesdays

But wait a minute, you exclaim, that can’t be all, can it? Didn’t you mention wine? Well of course we did and yes…there is more. The short story is this…Wine Down Wednesdays at the Royal Treatment Cottage consists of getting a massage…with wine…on Wednesdays! This genius event takes place Wednesdays, starting at noon and ending at 8 pm. Just imagine lying on the massage table, feeling your muscles melt into a puddle of “oh this feels so very good” and when you think it can’t get any better they hand you a glass of wine! A COMPLIMENTARY glass of wine, we must add! (Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better!)

Even on Vacation

So if you find yourself on a Wednesday feeling a little stressed (yes, even on vacation) give the Royal Treatment Cottage a call at 912.268.5790 (before 6:30) and hustle on down to begin your new Wednesday vacation tradition…Wine Down Wednesdays at the Royal Treatment Cottage!

Having Fun While Keeping Busy

So whether you want to visit the Pier Village Holiday Market during Christmas or attend the St. Simons Island Storytelling Festival in February, you will find events in St. Simons Island to interest and entice people of all ages.  Our island is more than sun and sand and oceans and marshes (although that we have all that too, of course!) it’s a lifestyle of slow southern days, old fashioned festivals, delicious food…and families.  You really should come check it out for yourself!