Annual New Year’s Bluegrass Festival (Dec. 29-31)

There’s something stirring on Jekyll Island, but it’s not the islands usual fare. It’s the 42nd Annual New Year’s Bluegrass Festival. Here over 2 dozen Bluegrass acts gather to ring in the New Year with banjo and bass. This festival is put on by Adams Bluegrass LLC and brings in the talent of the Dayle Lawson, Rhonda Vincent, Gibson Bros, and Lou Reid. There’s a reason this tradition has continued for 40 years!

A Thriving Schedule of Tunes

To take part in this roaring good time, head over to the new Jekyll Island Convention Center for any of the festival’s three day run. The fun starts at noon and runs until 10pm Thursday through Saturday, December 29th through December 31st. Tickets are only $40 per day with a special deal of $90 for access to all three. Kids get a discount at $20 a ticket and $45 for the whole period. Even better, with this festival you don’t have to fight the crowds, as there are reserved seating options for only $5 more.

A Musical Melting Pot

Bluegrass music is a subset of country music, which explains its southern flair. It has eclectic roots from around the northern part of the world, including Ireland, Scotland, and England and even drew jazz elements from the African-American music of the time. Perhaps its Bluegrass’ diversity which makes it so enjoyed among a variety of people.

Whether you live near Jekyll Island already or are making a visit, the 41st Annual New Year’s Bluegrass Festival is sure to deliver.