Brunswick Farmer’s Market (May 1-Nov. 24)

If you’re looking for the freshest food, look no farther than Brunswick Farmer’s Market. This pairing of quality taste and locally sourced food appears every week, on Tuesday and Friday from 8am until 2pm. This easy to find location is in downtown Brunswick at the mall for the peak of harvest season, between May 1st and November 24th.

Local Vendors Who Bring the Best

Visitors will be treated to produce from Apple Creek Farms, a second generation farm which is known for their 100% grass-feed beef and lamb, as well a variety of poultry, all pasture based and organic. Borealis Bread follows a 21 year tradition of using locally grown grains and flours to create mouthwatering dough full of flavors only accomplished through expert fermenting. If you’re looking for seafood, The Lobster Ladies of Harpswell bring in the best Maine lobsters within 24 hours. This straight from fisher to table method means the freshest catches available. York Hills Farms is responsible for the creation of the finest goat cheeses. They offer sampling of all their delicious cheeses and also provide great information on their processes. For some quality adornments, Kennebec Flower Farm brings sustainable farming practices to their art of flower cultivation. Here you can pick up the brightest lilies and most aromatic roses.

A Market for More than Food

This farmers market in Brunswick brings together a community committed to quality products to keep you as healthy as possible. Rather or not you need produce, this is a great place to stop and converse with the beaming faces of farmers who are expert in their crafts. SSI Rentals is happy to say that Brunswick Farmer’s Market brings together not only the best foods, but the best people!