Cinema Gourmet Series (Year Round)

Imagine a dinner theatre experience which provides delicious food and classic films and you understand the Cinema Gourmet Series at the Historic Ritz. This event curates the best cinema experiences, not just for the film buffs, but for the whole community.

Great Cinema

Making their round through the movie circuit are iconic films like the 1974 Conrack, a film based on the autobiography of Pat Conroy, a leader in Southern literature in the late-20th century. Or consider another classic film, Sunset Boulevard, a 1950 black comedy which details the life of a failed screenwriter. Hailed as “culturally, historically, or ascetically significant” by the Library of Congress and nominated for 11 Academy Awards, this is a historic piece of Cinema.

Quality Food

The cuisine is provided by Chef Kate Buchanan and her Indigo Coastal Shanty, a food joint described as “big on friendless and fresh flavors”. This positive energy food is the perfect companion to enrich the landmark films present at Cinema Gourmet.

The Details

If this sounds like fun, keep an eye of the Historic Ritz Theatre schedule who presents this community engaging experiences nearly each month, at least once, on Thursday. What’s even better is you won’t be paying cinema prices, as tickets for the movie are only $5, and $18 to be included on the dinner – a great price to enjoy quality cuisine with a movie. It’s easy to find the Historic Ritz Theatre, just look for the 1899 style opera house on F street and New Castle, north of Glouchester downtown.

Check it Out

If you need a place to stay while visiting the Cinema Gourmet series or other Brunswick locations, SSI Rentals can help you. Don’t hold back from engaging the rich community of Brunswick, check out the Cinema Gourmet Series and leave an enlightened cinema critic and foodie.