Hofwyl Christmas (Dec. 4-5)

Even in the form of historical reenactment! December brings about the 34th Annual Hofwyl Plantation Christmas, a portrayal of how Christmas was celebrated in the 1800s on Southern rice plantations. This is an experience unique to Brunswick Georgia that deserves attention.

Be the Plantation

Visitors will feel immersed in the Southern experiences as they walk down carriage roads and explore old plantation homes with a candle in hand for their light, just like back in the day. To make the adventure as real as possible, Civil War reenactors will be present, making this feel like more than just a tour. This is a real plantation after all, even after rice became less advantageous to produce, the Hofwyl farm ran until 1913.

Experience Christmas

However this piece of historical bedrock won’t forget the festivities of the holidays. The agenda has hot wassail and cookies for snacks, Christmas carols will be sung, and the iconic star of Christmas gifting himself will be present, Santa Clause.

All of this can be experienced December 4th and 5th, for just $10 dollars; $5 for children. To get here, just look for the large plot of land at the intersection of highway 17 and the 99. This is a landmark site for Brunswick where any local can point you in the right direction.

The Learning Never Ends

If you miss the holiday event don’t worry, it’s been ongoing annual for 34 years now, and shows no sign of stopping. You can even visit Hofwyl in the non-holiday season to experience it’s historical side and learn from its museum, plus, there are other fun events throughout the year, like a Halloween plantation activity. Holiday or not, SSI Rentals just wants you to have a good time!