The RSM Classic Golf Tournament (Nov. 16-19)

One of the more popular St. Simons Island events is he RSM, the new title of the McGladrey classic. This golf tournament pits professional golfers into a neck and neck game where every stroke counts. The money raised through this event goes to charity, in a hybrid of professional sports and altruism. However, a tournament is only as good as its venue, and this tournament is in luck.

Two Course You Have to Try

The Sea Island Golf Course hosting the event sports two courses of utmost quality to challenge golfers: the seaside course and plantation course. Ranked in Golf Digests within the top 100 course of the United States, the Oceanside course provides a water trap along the length of the ocean side and plenty of dunes and marshes elsewhere, requiring calculated swings. Her sister course, the plantation, is equally challenging with a forest of tree with creeks and lakes throughout the area. Similar to seaside, the ocean isn’t far off, but the traits of the plantation course include a larger fairway focus.

It’s Not Too Late to Buy Tickets

To be a spectator at this iconic golf competition designed to raise money for others, mark your calendar for November 16-19th. Tickets are scheduled to be available in June, plenty in advance for the November game. If you are feeling charitable, a $20 donation to the Davis Love Foundation will get you a free slice of pizza and Blue Moon beer at the Mellow Mushroom who has a ‘chill club” nearby.

Get Ready to Golf

It’s easy to justify some golf fun when it’s for such a good cause like charity. If you need help planning your visit, SSI rentals can help. Until then, keep working on your golf game.