Ritz Radio Theatre (Year Round)

The golden age of radio never died, or so it would seem with Ritz Radio Theatre. This fun new take on classic theatre, performs a radio style performance with a broadcaster and live sound effects. It’s full inundation into the days when families sat together around their radio box, tuning into the adventures of the Lone Ranger. The Ritz Radio Theatre takes its radio performance so seriously, they even do classic ads as part of their bit!

Classic Story to be Cherished

Slated for December is A Christmas Story: a tale of a boy who wants nothing more for Christmas than a red rider bb gun, despite the warnings from everyone that he’ll shoot his eye out. In this radio retelling, antics abound, revitalized by this radio version of what is already a beloved movie. Other performances have included Casablanca, The Wizard of Oz, and Its a Wonderful Life.

May the Arts Never End

This wouldn’t be possible without the Golden Isles Arts and Humanities who are dedicated to community and the arts. It is this fine establishment which has brought not only Ritz Radio Theatre, but comedy stage performances of the Princess and the Pea and the Cinema Gourmet, which pairs classic movies and fine food. If any of these events sound enticing, hop online to the goldenislesarts.org and check out their event schedule, as there are always in shows in rotation. One needn’t feel saddened that December is past and the Christmas story is gone, not when there are more than enough other quality performances to take its place. Leave it to SSI Rentals to plug you into the best entertainment in Brunswick.