St. Simons Island Storytelling Festival (Feb. 5-7)

Next year, one of the most interesting St. Simons Island events will be held by an artist that can weave a story with words, one that can grab us by our hearts and draw us into their world. One who can make us laugh with a nonsensical phrase, one who can make us cry just from the somber tenor of their voice: an artist who just makes us think about things. These artists who paint pictures with their words are storytellers and St. Simons recognizes their contributions to humanity with their own festival…the St. Simons Island Storytelling Festival.

The Details

This soon to be annual festival will next be held February 5th through February 7th at Epworth by the Sea, a Christian Conference and Retreat Center on the Frederica River. Registration opens January 8, 2017 for those choosing not to stay at Epworth and forms are available online…just click the online registration link at and you will be on your way to a weekend of laughter, tears and storytelling at its finest.

The Artists

There are four storytellers lined up for this February Festival, the first one being Donald Davis. Known as “the Dean of Storytelling”, he teaches, he writes, he is a guest host for a NPR and is a retired minister…oh and he has four sons to boot! This man can do it all! Carmen Agra Deedy, the second storyteller on the Festival roster, is an award winning author of children’s books such as “The Cheshire Cheese Cat” and “Martina, the Beautiful Cockroach”, all published in both English and Spanish. This multi-talented traveling storyteller is one of America’s favorites! Next in the lineup, is Andy Offutt Irwin “The Man is an Outer-kid” In addition to storytelling, Andy is a humorist, a singer/songwriter and a naughty child disguised as a grown up. Make sure you aren’t taking sips of your beverages while he is telling his stories…you might find yourself doing a spit take! And last, but obviously not least, we have Bill Lepp known as the Champion Liar of Tall Tales & Witty Stories. He is the author of 3 books and doesn’t really lie…he just stretches the truth…to a point you won’t recognize it anymore! (Ok…he IS a Liar…and a beautifully funny, yet family friendly one at that!)

Laughter is Good for the Soul

And the St. Simons Storytelling Festival is good for the entire person…soul, heart, mind AND body! Come sit at the feet of Americas champion storytellers…we promise you will love the pictures these artists paint with words!