Women’s Art Retreat (Oct. 8-11)

Brunswick isn’t the only place in Georgia to host crowd gathering events. In 2017, Saint Simons Island will present a weekend experience sure to make artists glows; the Color Your World Creative Retreat.

This weekend experience nurtures women through a positive group of female interactions and tutors women in art as well. This is an enriching experience sure to lift women’s spirits to new heights as they tap into positive energy. Art therapy is a method of healing and surely these same benefits will be conveyed as women paint, express themselves, and release their worries. Aptly put, the retreat describes itself as an art inspired gathering for women.

The Science of Art

This event presented by Get Your Muse On describes the retreat as backed by science, citing several studies. One studies reveals a correlation of women’s quantity of friends to a reduction of risk for physical impairments with age. Another study suggests that arts increase social engagement, as well increasing brain functions and general health. The final cited piece declares that a trait of happy people is that their money is invested in experiences, travel, and memories – rather than just material gains. These research articles all suggest that a women’s art retreat is an effortless choice, sure to improve any women’s quality of life.

Paint Your Calendar

The details for the 2017 experience are still pending. Regardless of the dates, SSI Rentals will be available and ready to support. Mark your calendar and get ready for yourself, or significant other, to have an experience of a life time.