St. Simons Island Kayaking

Spending time in St. Simons Island gives visitors the opportunity to explore nature’s playground. One way to play in nature is by renting a kayak and discovering the beauty of the Marshes of Glynn. Paddling the Marshes of Glynn puts kayakers up close and personal with the natural habitat and wildlife of the wetlands of Georgia. During your trip, you could see dolphins, sea turtles, or rare, exotic birds. We’ve listed some of our favorite kayaking services below so that you can see this magic for yourself!

Tidelands Nature Center

Tidelands Nature Center will give you guided tour through the Jekyll River and tidal marsh. You’ll get to see animals native to the coast during your paddle ride. As you paddle downstream, a guide will inform you about the ecosystems and wildlife that surrounds you. There won’t be another place with such a unique approach to recreation and education: don’t miss out!

Southeast Adventure Outfitters

Southeast Adventure Outfitters offers what they call sea kayaking. Tour guides will teach kayakers the skills they need to know to safely enjoy the sport of kayaking while exploring the beaches of St. Simons Island. In addition, Southeast Adventures give kayakers a break on a remote beach for birding and shelling activities. Get ready for leisurely and up-close experience of the sea.

St. Simons Paddle Board and Kayak

At St. Simons Paddle Board and Kayak, kayakers can rent a kayak and take a lone trip down the marsh or choose to have a guide accompany them on an eco-tour. They cater to different skill levels of individuals and are more than willing to accommodate kayakers who are looking for a relaxing trip or thrill-seekers who want a workout!

The guides will teach kayakers everything they need to know to have the best trip possible; that means guides offer lessons for those new to the sport! With their attention to detail and safety, St. Simons Paddle Board and Kayak makes it easy for you to relax and trust the sport so that you can spend your energy marveling at the blue herons and dolphins you’re bound to see.

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