St. Simons Island Land Trust Oyster Roast

Fresh oysters, homemade desserts, beer, wine, and live music. Do we have your attention? Do we really need to add more than the date, time, and location? Well, we probably do, but to paraphrase one of our favorite movies, “you had us at fresh oysters!” The St. Simons Island Land Trust Oyster Roast is one of our most treasured events on the island because it celebrates something near and dear to our hearts and because an evening spent chowing on oysters as we listen to music is something we can’t ever get enough of. We think you will agree!

What is the St. Simons Island Land Trust?

With a mission of preserving and protecting, the Land Trust is dedicated to preserving precious land on this idyllic island. St. Simons Island has become a popular tourist destination over the years, and the Land Trust, although it wasn’t officially accredited until 2014, had the foresight to start buying up tracts of land when the island first started to gain popularity in the 1990s. It’s rare to find a popular tourist destination that remains pure and unspoiled, but St. Simons has managed that, thanks to these wonderful folks!

Although the island is a small one, the preservation efforts continue, as the Land Trust is in the midst of a three-step plan to acquire a 260-acre portion of Musgrove Plantation. They already own 58 acres, and in 2017, they will be acquiring another 92 acres. It’s an exciting time for the St. Simons Island Land Trust, and the 17th annual Oyster Roast is a celebration of that fact!

Oyster Roast Details!

Now is the time to start planning your St. Simons Island vacation. This wonderful celebration will take place on January 14, 2017 from 5:00 to 8:00 PM at Gascoigne Bluff. Oysters are the star of this show, but they aren’t the only items on the menu; local chefs are joining together to create a feast beyond imagination! Low Country Boils, barbecue, and Southern favorites will tickle your taste buds, and the music of folk singer Owen Plant will add a charming ambience to this worthy celebration that should not be missed! Tickets cost $75, and the proceeds will help this farseeing group continue to protect and preserve our favorite piece of real estate: St. Simons Island!

You Won’t Want to Miss This

Now is the time to book your luxurious St. Simons Island vacation rental to coincide with this tasty event. We are betting you will be back again in 2018; it’s that good!